How to Incorporate Contemporary Style into Your Kitchen


Are you ready to upgrade your drab kitchen? Add some contemporary styles with these top trending home design ideas for 2023. Discover how you can seriously upgrade your kitchen this year from smart appliances to replacing a small kitchen island with modular units. Discover how technology and modern functionality can improve your life.   Add Extra […]

2023 Guide to Kitchen Layout Design


What are the hottest kitchen layout trends for 2023? Today’s homeowners place a focus on flexibility and customization. Multifunctionality and multipurpose kitchen designs are key. And professional kitchen remodel contractors are ready for the job. From home chefs to seasoned professionals, the modern kitchen layout will be designed to suit the needs of anyone. It’s […]

6 Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen this New Year


Are you ready to upgrade a drab kitchen space for kitchen cabinets? In 2023 focus on creating a clean and modern space. Customized cabinetry, open shelving, lighter-coloured countertops, integrated lighting and bold accent colours will transform your kitchen. Smart placement and colour for kitchen cabinets and smart appliances open up the space. Read on to […]

What’s the Top Trending Smart Appliances this Year?

what is a good kitchen layout

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen? When you remodel, don’t forget the importance of adding smart appliances. With so many new gadgets hitting the market, it can be hard to know what’s worth buying this holiday season. You may have to consider what is a good kitchen layout if you decide to replace an outdated stove […]

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist 2023


Are you ready to remodel your old and ugly kitchen? It’s time to not only make your kitchen look great, but make it function for you. Before you knock down a single wall you need to do some research. Know what type of appliances you have before you start shopping around for them. Do you […]

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink?


With so many choices, how can you choose the perfect kitchen sink for you? Your new kitchen sink could transform your workstation. You want a kitchen that offers you functionality and comfort as you cook, prep, and wash. If you intend to do an entire remodel including kitchen cabinets design, flooring, and new appliances, compliment […]

Keeping Floors Clean During Winter

Keeping Floors Clean During Winter

With the winter season in full swing, now is an excellent time to stay warm and binge on some Netflix series you missed over the past year. Regardless of your best efforts, the winter months keep you busy by combining wet shoes and hardwood floors in the worst ways. This raises the question, how do […]

Can You Cover an Existing Bathtub?

Can You Cover an Existing Bathtub?

When it comes to your bathroom remodeling project, an ugly bathtub is one of the more complicated issues. It can be costly to replace an entire bathtub. So can you cover an existing bathtub? Yes, a tub liner made of acrylic or PVC plastic can be glued over the existing tub. Liners are suitable for […]

Can You Replace Cabinets Without Removing Countertops?

Can You Replace Cabinets Without Removing Countertops?

When it comes to replacing parts of your kitchen, saving time and money is essential. But when you have ugly cabinets with beautiful countertops, it can complicate matters. So, can you replace cabinets without removing countertops? The process of replacing cabinets and keeping countertops is doable. Reusing countertops involves taking the former countertops away and […]

Five Must-Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

Five Must-Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

A dream kitchen is sometimes just that, something we only dream about. However, what if I told you that it was possible to take baby steps towards your dream? But with this in mind, what are the things I should look for in my dream kitchen. While that’s up to you, we’ve got a list […]