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2023 Guide to Kitchen Layout Design

What are the hottest kitchen layout trends for 2023? Today’s homeowners place a focus on flexibility and customization. Multifunctionality and multipurpose kitchen designs are key. And professional kitchen remodel contractors are ready for the job. From home chefs to seasoned professionals, the modern kitchen layout will be designed to suit the needs of anyone. It’s no longer just a “goal” to have a flexibly designed kitchen. Now it’s a requirement. So how can you transform your kitchen layout to suite your unique needs?

Place an Emphasis on Healthy Cooking 

Although health has always been an important consideration in kitchen design, it will be even more so in 2023. This includes introducing tools that support healthier-style cooking like grills, air fryers, and smoothie blenders, to ensure kitchens are stocked with equipment ready to facilitate healthy yet delicious meals. Your kitchen remodel contractors can help you find extra storage for these healthy cooking options by: 

  • Install custom cabinetry with extra storage
  • Build a double kitchen island
  • Extend your kitchen with an outdoor kitchen space
  • Replace older countertops with newer ones
  • Hidden spice drawers
  • Wine rack
  • Coffee station
  • Reconfigure your overall kitchen layout to accommodate your cooking needs
  • Build a butler’s pantry for storage and food prep

Design and mobility go hand-in-hand. Maximize space within small areas or apartments. Including movable worktops or islands reduce unnecessary space. And tuck away any extra items like an air fryer or juicer out of sight. Make your luxury kitchen truly an oasis within your home. You deserve that luxury.

The Importance of a Sustainable Kitchen Space

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, kitchen layouts are being designed in a way which caters to eco-friendly movements. Access the latest technologies and integrate smart appliances. For example, some smart refrigerators will let you know when you need to purchase items or help you maintain a healthy diet. Eco-friendly appliances reduce water usage and save energy. Save on your water bill while you save the planet. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Your Layout Should Reflect Your Workflow

Your workflow plays a huge part throughout your design process. Everything should feel natural and intuitive. Your stovetop access should be close to your sink. You should be able to easily move between the stove, food prep, and the kitchen sink. You may need to sit down with your design team to really find the perfect layout for you. Add task lighting so you can utilize each square centimetre of your kitchen. Many families have benefitted from adding a second kitchen island to their layout. Additionally, the luxury double kitchen island with portable modular units offers even greater flexibility. Ask our design team about the possibilities today.

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