5 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Kitchen Remodel

5 ways to find inspiration for your kitchen remodelYou’re tired of your kitchen. It just doesn’t work for you anymore. You’ve saved some money and now it’s time to make a change. But how do you know where to start? IT can be pretty overwhelming, so finding inspiration for your kitchen remodel is the first step to realizing your dream.

Ask questions

Make a list of questions about your kitchen remodel and then spend some time answering them. What is your budget? How long of a construction period are you willing to go through? What part of your kitchen do you dislike the most? What is one element you’ve always wanted to have?

Then, start answering these questions. This will help organize your thoughts and clarify the direction you want to go in.


Head to your local library and check out all their home magazines. There is so much inspiration to be found. While a lot of kitchens used in professional magazines are a lot larger than yours is, there is still a lot to consider. Even something as simple as a new color palette, or a special accent can lead to a new direction for your kitchen remodel.

Visit open houses

It may seem a bit unconventional but taking a tour of houses on the market can give you some real inspiration for your kitchen remodel. This is because homeowners want to make their homes look as nice as possible to guarantee a fast sale. Kitchen updates are generally done, and this can lead to new ideas.

If you can find a few open houses in your general neighborhood, all the better. Most homes when in development follow just a few different layouts. So, if you can find a home with your original layout, you can better see how someone was able to change your kitchen or update it.

Ask a friend

Do you have a friend that seems to have an eye for decorating? Someone whose taste you’ve always admired? Ask them over and get their input. Better yet, have a little dinner party where everyone is encouraged to give their honest, yet polite, thoughts. Different perspectives can really lead to new inspiration for your kitchen remodel.

Ask a professional

When in doubt, ask a professional. Many kitchen remodeling companies will offer a free consultation. They have years of experience and can give you so many more ideas than you ever thought possible. Professionals also know how much things cost. So, depending on your budget, a professional can explain just what options are available to you. Remember: it’s easy to become carried away with a kitchen remodel. Know ahead of time what you’re willing to spend, and how much time you’re able to commit. These constraints are important.


4 Best Lighting Trends of 2019

4 best lighting trends of 2019Need to illuminate your kitchen and add a bit of modernity to it? Lighting is a simple and often cost-effective way of changing your décor. But where to start? If you’ve visited any lighting store, you will see just how overwhelming the choices are. To help you find the right décor for your kitchen, we’ve put together the best lighting trends of 2019.

Edison lights

What’s old is new again. And with lighting, this is quite literal. Edison may have invented the lightbulb, but probably had no idea his design would still be used in 2019. Edison lightbulbs have clear glass and old-style filaments. You can see exactly where the light source is coming from.

Edison lights now come in many styles, but one of the best lighting trends of 2019 uses multiple Edison lights in a small bulb size. You can often see them hanging from a kitchen strip. Alternately, you can line up the bulbs and have them upright, although this isn’t as practical in a kitchen setting.

While Edison lights were once only found in specialty stores, they are now quite widespread. You can find them in many home improvement stores, and with multiple online retailers.

Task lighting

Gone are the days when you only had one large ceiling light in your kitchen. Now, the kitchen has been changed into zones with each zone appropriately lighted. The result is crisp light that illuminates your space. So, whether you’re chopping vegetables or letting your roast rest, you can have your entire area properly lit.

A lot of task lighting is pre-wired which allows for the cords to be hidden. However, if you are adding task lighting after a kitchen remodel, there are many stick-on, battery-powered lights you can purchase. These can be placed on the underside of a kitchen cabinet, providing modern lighting.

Statement pieces

What’s hanging over your dining table? As more and more homes have gone away with both a kitchen table and a dining room table, there has become a need to really accent the multi-purpose space. While there have always been kitchen pendants, one of the latest trends of 2019 is a bold statement piece. Something large like a lantern, or ornate with mirrored pieces. Really, the choices are endless. Just choose something that fits both your personality and décor.


While chrome and silver accents were all the rage just a few years ago, gold and brass have now replaced them. These warmer tones bring a bit of softness and comfort to the room. Burnished brass is especially popular as it’s not as shiny as the gold accents from the 1990s. Many home improvement stores will offer brass choices on taps, faucets, and hardware.


4 Ideas To Improve Your Kitchen Flow

4 ideas to improve your kitchen flowLove looking at your kitchen but not actually being in your kitchen? Have you invented a new kitchen dance anytime you need to share your space? Then it’s definitely time to improve your kitchen flow.

Designated areas

If you’re a coffee lover, it just makes sense to have all your coffee supplies in one location. Keep your coffee maker on the counter under the cupboard of coffee mugs. You can even store your coffee grinds nearby. Make it as easy as possible to wake up in the morning.

Likewise, if you are an avid home cook. Keep your knives freshly sharpened and hanging on a magnetic wall strip next to the cutting board. Keep your spices nearby to help season your food. The more set up you are in a station, the happier you will be cooking.

Optimize drawers

One of the most efficient ways to stay organized and improve your kitchen flow is to optimize your drawers. Keep all your cloths together in easy reach of your sink. So often smaller objects take up too much space in a cupboard. Instead, place these small objects in a drawer. You can put all your spices in a drawer, and if this drawer is near the stove, all the better.

Keep it seasonal

Yes, it’s great that you have a collection of Christmas dishes, but do they really need to take up prime real estate in your kitchen? The answer is most definitely no. After each season or holiday, give your special dishes or mugs a good clean. Place them all in an air-tight container. Then, store them elsewhere, such as the attic or garage. You can take them out again next year and they will be ready to go.

Once you get rid of unneeded items, your kitchen flow will naturally become better. You can put all your everyday kitchen dishes at arm height for easy reach. Even the appearance of space can naturally calm your nerves and allow you to appreciate your kitchen even more.

Switch it up

Tired of always having to traverse your kitchen to put clean glasses away? Maybe it’s time to move the glasses closer to the dishwasher. Let’s face it. You probably use your dishwasher on a daily basis. So, make it easier to unload that appliance. Store your plates in a cabinet that can be accessed while having the dishwasher door open. Put on a trial run of emptying to see what makes the most sense. All of your day to day dishware should be in close proximity.

If you’re not sure about moving things around, it’s best to just go all-in. Take everything out of your kitchen for a fresh perspective. It might take a few days to determine the best, new location for everything, but the end result will be well worth it.


The 3 Best Ways To Invest In Your Kitchen

the 3 best ways to invest in your kitchenYou’re ready for a change in your kitchen. You’ve saved up and are ready to start spending. But where do you start? Before you start signing cheques, take a minute to understand what are the best ways to invest in your kitchen.


Your countertops will be the focal point of your kitchen. Waist-high, they are front and center when you enter the room. Even if you have a beautiful floor and walls, your countertops should bring them together and bridge the divide, so to speak.

Invest in your countertops. This does not mean blow your whole budget on them. In fact, we would caution you greatly on this. The trick to creating this amazing focal point is to find something timeless and durable.

You could go the way of design fads, but they might just leave you cringing in a few years, way short of their actual lifespan. Instead, opt for something simple, classic, and that will adapt to any future décor changes.


You need appliances in your kitchen. The fridge, the stove, the dishwasher: all are needed to not only create nourishing food but to perform to their best ability.

The problem with appliances is that they are expensive. What’s more, is their unexpected break down is rarely budgeted for, leaving you with a race to find something that fits a meager budget and is available for delivery right away.

If you have set aside money for a kitchen remodel, look at the best options for appliances. Many places will offer package deals, which is a great option. Another way to save a bit of money is to buy different brands. If you don’t care about the brand name, and instead just want to have the same finish, you could pick up separate pieces that are on sale.

Finally, for bulk orders, be sure to take advantage of price matching. If you can find all your appliances at one store, you could potentially save on delivery. So if your dishwasher is on sale at one store, and your stove at another, bring in the flyer to just one place and ask for a price match.

Kitchen cabinets

Your cabinets are large and therefore should look as good as possible. There are many options for your kitchen cabinets as a way to invest in your kitchen. If possible, keep the current layout. Custom cabinets look great but cost way more than other options.

If you like the storage part of the cabinets, try to replace the doors, instead. You could paint them or reface them.

It’s amazing, but even just changing out the hardware on the doors can make a huge difference. Invest in your kitchen cabinets but keep everything in budget. Don’t worry – you can still make your kitchen shine.


5 Tips On Hosting A Summer Party In Your New Kitchen

5 tips for hosting a summer party in your new kitchenCongratulations! You’ve slogged through the toil of renovating your kitchen. Your cabinets are gleaming, your countertop is pristine, and you’re ready to unveil all the hard work. It’s time for a party! We hope these tips on hosting a summer party will help keep the vibe relaxed yet festive.

Simple eats

A sit-down dinner in winter is the perfect time for an epic, elaborate meal. But hosting a summer party means good food that can be eaten anywhere. Unless you have a mass amount of utensils stashed around, opt for finger foods. Veggies and dips, chips and salsas, fresh fruit. Sometimes the simplest fare is the best.

Classic burgers

For the main event, you can’t go wrong with burgers. There are now plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options to please the whole crowd, so burgers have become especially versatile. The really nice thing is that grilling helps ease the pressure from the kitchen. The kitchen, no matter how nice, can fill up quickly and if there is a second food station outside it can better ease the congestion.

Ice, ice, baby

Provide coolers of ice. Chances are, in the summer, you want a nice cold drink. And there’s only so much room to be had in the fridge. Bust out your camping cooler and fill it with ice. Place it outside and have drinks available there. This will free up your fridge for other tasty food and increase the flow through the house. It also relieves pressure from the host or hostess and guests will find it easier to help themselves when the drink options are in plain view.

Rental options

Did you know you can actually rent plates and cutlery? And you can send the dirty plates back to the rental company? Sounds like a win-win. As more and more people are going green, gone are the days of Styrofoam plates. If you’re having a larger party and don’t have enough of your own plates, or don’t want the hassle of cleaning, renting is the best option.

Keep it organized

Yes, you are having a party to see all your friends, but also you want to show off your kitchen. Try to control the chaos so everyone has a chance to be impressed with the reno. Create specific stations on the countertops and clear off unnecessary accessories. Your countertops are gorgeous but if they can’t be seen, then no one will know how nice they really are. A little bit of organization ahead of time will really help. Instead of the kitchen island, use the kitchen table, especially if you will be eating outside. Make sure everyone leaves after complementing your new kitchen.