What is the Best Color for Kitchen Appliances?


kitchen-designWhat color should you choose for 2020? Bright cherry red, ebony, stainless steel – what colors work best for your kitchen design? Some colors have a timeless quality and will remain popular for decades to come. On the other hand, quick flashy trends might be popular today but tomorrow seem garish and grotesque. Discover the perfect color for your kitchen appliances.

Black Stainless Steel

Stainless steel remains a popular and durable appliance choice. However, if you want something more luxurious and stunning, opt for black stainless steel. You overall kitchen design will have a timeless, elegant appeal. Black stainless steel remains a top choice for homeowners. One caveat – the finish requires regular touch-ups and maintenance. The finish can be scratched easily. Every major brand from LG to Whirlpool, Frigidaire and Electrolux, offer black stainless steel options.

Classic White

White appliances remain a favorite regardless of the decade. Many minimalist kitchens today maintain neutral tones like white, taupe, or grays. A white refrigerator or stove fits with almost any kitchen style. Though they require more cleaning, they have an elegant quality to them. Add a little pizazz by customizing brass or copper handles for appliances. Smart technology also upgrades this simple option.

Custom Color Finishes

Many manufacturers offer appliances in any number of hundreds of wild and bold colors. Want cherry red or sunshine yellow? You can find appliances in every color of the rainbow. However, you might choose a color that you regret a decade from now. And if you are looking to sell your home in the next few years, opting for a more neutral tone might save you thousands in resale value. This year sea green, blue, and mixed wood tones remain very popular.

La Carnue Finishes

If you do opt for color in your kitchen, look into the luxurious La Carnue finishes. Available in a wide range of bright colors, the customized enamel finishes are durable and gorgeous. Be inspired. La Carnue prides itself on a long tradition of craft and excellence. BlueStar also offers a wide range of color options for your kitchen.

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Style for You


kitchen-cabinet-ideasYour kitchen is the heart of your home. You want to have the perfect kitchen layout, the right colors, and all the latest kitchen innovations. From finding the stylish kitchen cabinet ideas that fit your unique taste to accommodating your very busy lifestyle, discover the right style for you!

Multifunctional Bungalow

Transform your kitchen into an exciting multifunctional space. Today’s families have to juggle work, schooling, entertainment, and family life. Your home needs a kitchen layout that gives you space and versatility you need for 2020. Enjoy a hybrid space perfect for all your needs from innovative kitchen cabinet ideas to smart home technology:

  • Widen tight kitchen layouts by knocking out walls and expanding walking room
  • Add built-in desk and hutch for schooling or work
  • Try a cherry desktop
  • Pull out breakfast bench and nook
  • Display your gorgeous dish or wineglass collection with open concept shelving
  • Stainless steel smart appliances
  • Easy-to-clean linoleum flooring
  • Small compact bar nook for quick entertaining or a moment of relaxation
  • Use of neutral tones combined with dark wood, unique accents, and dark wood tones
  • Easy-to-open custom drawers and cabinets
  • Track lighting
  • Large double sink
  • Add natural lighting and lush fresh flowers

Take a small kitchen space and create a one-stop area for all your needs. Ask our talented Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms designers about what you need in a kitchen. They will help you realize your vision.

The Modern Industrial Touch

Strip away the flashy and simplify your life and your kitchen. This style depends highly on neutral tones, simple materials, and a clean look. Avoid clutter and messiness with high end stainless steel appliances, custom hidden storage and cabinets, and the use of industrial materials and concrete. Use concrete flooring. Leave walls clear of a patterned backsplash or use a single slab of metal instead. Incorporate a gorgeous elegant concrete table. Use a very neutral palette like taupe and dark gray, perhaps only accenting with ebony or industrial-inspired fixtures.

Grand Spaciousness

If you have a much larger space to work with, incorporate today’s must-haves: a butler’s pantry, large kitchen island with breakfast bar, and floor to ceiling backsplash. Make the most of your available space. Perfect for entertaining and accommodating a busy lifestyle, your spacious kitchen can include a number of luxury elements:

  • Double kitchen island
  • Butler’s pantry
  • Double dishwasher
  • Full pantry
  • 60-inch range
  • Custom tiling
  • Built-in hutches
  • Pot rack above the island
  • Paneled refrigerator
  • Service kitchen
  • Smart light technology
  • Smart appliances
  • Inset butcher block
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Gold or black fixtures
  • Double sink
  • And more

When you want to make the most of your space, ask our designers. We pride ourselves on providing you with the luxurious kitchen that you deserve. Parada offers a wide range of services and products, from high gloss kitchen designs to entire home renovations. Clients trust us to transform their bathrooms, kitchens, and homes in into the house of their dreams.

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5 Best Luxury Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


Want to brighten up your kitchen remodel? For years, the kitchen backsplash has provided an exciting element that both protects and adds aesthetic value. Find the right luxury backsplashes for your home. Backsplashes are only limited by your imagination. They can be glass, colorful, mirrored, wood, and more. With so many options, finding the best style choice for you can be difficult. What are this year’s top trends? Discover the most exciting luxury kitchen backsplashes for 2020.

Ceiling Height Backsplashes

Most homes have a partial backsplash, sometimes only a few inches tall. Go for the dramatic in 2020 with a backsplash that goes to the ceiling! Give classic tile a modern look with a full backsplash. Contemporary homes today want a clean look, often removing unnecessary cabinetry and fixtures. Fill in that empty space with a stunning luxurious tiled look.

Mirrored and Metallic

Want to be a little flashy? This year homeowners love mirrored subway tile. The lighting brings dramatic brightness to any kitchen. With custom lighting, take full advantage of this fun metal finished look. Use a small backsplash section for a dramatic accent or wow with ceiling height metal. The metal has less gloss than the mirrored look. Talk with our Parada designers about how you can tastefully incorporate metal and mirrors into your kitchen remodel.

Bold Colors

While minimal neutral tones have a classic timeless look, homeowners want to upgrade the style with bold colors. Choose a luxurious black or charcoal grey, or amaze guests with gorgeous turquoise. Blue-tiled backsplashes and similar tones show off your personal style. Be unique. Add a contrasting color for the grout or have a colorful custom lighting plan.

Recycled Materials

With green construction and sustainability an important 21st century trend, this year’s kitchen design makes the most of alternative metals. Try full metal sheets as a unique backsplash option. Try copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. For a different look, find sheets that have texture and one-of-a-kind finishes.

Luxurious Gold Accents

Nothing says grandeur like gold. Add gold fixtures to your kitchen and a gorgeous backsplash with gold accents. With so many incredible options, bring golden warmth and elegance to your kitchen space. Enjoy the refined gold accents. Showcase your personal taste in a distinct way.

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What are the Top Trending Kitchen Colors for 2020?


While the classic clean white kitchen remains popular in 2020, this year interior designers have opted into subtle hues and bold accents. Both spacious and small kitchen design benefits from a little pop of color. For homeowners with families especially, the minimalist all-white kitchen may be too difficult to maintain. Choosing new exciting color combinations can bring life to a tired space. Let’s check out this year’s hottest color trends.

Natural Wood Tones

For a touch of elegant subtlety, try mixed wood tones in your kitchen. You can accomplish this look a number of ways, even in small kitchen design:

  • Beautiful wooden cabinets
  • Painted cabinets in subtle brown hues
  • Pops of dark and light wood shades
  • Allow wood-grain to shine
  • Bring in texture and depth with wood
  • Wood furniture and accessories
  • Add a splash of nature with beautiful indoor plants
  • Allow more natural light to brighten up the space

This beautiful organic look has a calming effect on a usually busy space. Additionally, wood grains hide messes easily. Ask out Parada design team about ways to bring more an elegant natural look to your kitchen.

Bold Black Accents

Maybe you want to add a bold statement to your drab neutral kitchen. Make a bold style statement with crisp deep black accents, cabinets, and counter. Timeless, black cabinets match any style and décor. Modernize your home with gorgeous drama.

Welcome to the Old World

Looking for a subtle change? Try colors with Old World charm. This classic style brings vibrant colors and distressed finishes. Create a welcoming and warm rustic family gathering space. Antique rugs, handcrafted wooden furniture, classic architecture, and gorgeous stonework all contribute to this unique look. Dark cabinetry paired with custom lighting and bright paint creates a unique look. Use colors inspired by the sun, wine, ocean, and nature. Arches and columns add extra design elements.

Sea Green Beauty

Want to embrace the peace and calm in your life? This year versatile sea green brings tranquility to your kitchen. Use the subtle tone on floors, ceiling, walls, and cabinetry. Pair with a flood of natural lighting and gorgeous plants. Use wicker and wood to accent. Keep the room clean and functional to achieve peace and calm in your home. For a variation, try combining blue and green in your home.

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8 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts and Designs


Need help finding the right kitchen layout for your dream kitchen? Below are the top trending kitchen layouts. Whether you plan on a full kitchen remodel or just want to check out the latest kitchen interior design trends for 2020, our list will help you find out which layout is perfect for you!

The Top Trending Layouts

The right layout maximizes functionality and matches your unique aesthetic style. Your kitchen interior design depends entirely on the type of layout you have. Whether you have a large residential home with a spacious kitchen area or a small urban cozy urban space, find the right layout for you!

  1. The One Wall Layout – A Single line of cabinets against one wall with appliances
  2. Galley Kitchen – Small kitchen layout
  3. L-Shape Kitchen – Ideal for mid-sized kitchens and has more counter space
  4. U- Shape Kitchen Layout – Allows for more prep space
  5. G-Shape Kitchen Layout – Deluxe kitchen layout
  6. One Wall Layout with Kitchen Island – Expand on the one wall kitchen with a kitchen island
  7. Half Wall – Some urban apartments attempt to incorporate kitchen elements like a small stove or mini-fridge in a family room
  8. The Un-Kitchen – A minimalist way of “hiding” unsightly kitchen elements like the fridge

Each kitchen style is ideal for different spaces. For example, a small urban apartment may benefit from making a multipurpose room out of the kitchen. In other words, the kitchen, entertainment center, and workspace may all be one room with appliances hidden in cabinets.

On the other hand, a spacious luxury kitchen may have a large U-shaped kitchen and include a double dishwasher, ample eating space, and even a double island or butler’s pantry. Call the design experts at Parada about the best layout for your home. Our expert staff will be happy to find the most functional trending layout that matches your unique style and tastes.

The Work Triangle

Determine your work triable before choosing the layout for your kitchen remodel. What is the work triangle? You want to make a triangle between the key elements of your kitchen – food prep area, refrigerator, and stove. This work triangle helps you find the right layout. Consider your work triangle when you design your kitchen.

Other Considerations

You may need to consider additional issues like a growing family, having an accessible wide open space, or even a space for pets. Do you need to add a workspace in your kitchen? Do you entertain often? What about energy efficiency and smart technology? Believe it or not, you need to consider many elements when designing your kitchen.

The professional design team at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms prides itself on superior customer service and years of design experience. We will help you find the perfect layout for your kitchen remodels. Call our talented team today. We will be happy to answer any of your important questions. Contact us.