8 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts and Designs


Need help finding the right kitchen layout for your dream kitchen? Below are the top trending kitchen layouts. Whether you plan on a full kitchen remodel or just want to check out the latest kitchen interior design trends for 2020, our list will help you find out which layout is perfect for you!

The Top Trending Layouts

The right layout maximizes functionality and matches your unique aesthetic style. Your kitchen interior design depends entirely on the type of layout you have. Whether you have a large residential home with a spacious kitchen area or a small urban cozy urban space, find the right layout for you!

  1. The One Wall Layout – A Single line of cabinets against one wall with appliances
  2. Galley Kitchen – Small kitchen layout
  3. L-Shape Kitchen – Ideal for mid-sized kitchens and has more counter space
  4. U- Shape Kitchen Layout – Allows for more prep space
  5. G-Shape Kitchen Layout – Deluxe kitchen layout
  6. One Wall Layout with Kitchen Island – Expand on the one wall kitchen with a kitchen island
  7. Half Wall – Some urban apartments attempt to incorporate kitchen elements like a small stove or mini-fridge in a family room
  8. The Un-Kitchen – A minimalist way of “hiding” unsightly kitchen elements like the fridge

Each kitchen style is ideal for different spaces. For example, a small urban apartment may benefit from making a multipurpose room out of the kitchen. In other words, the kitchen, entertainment center, and workspace may all be one room with appliances hidden in cabinets.

On the other hand, a spacious luxury kitchen may have a large U-shaped kitchen and include a double dishwasher, ample eating space, and even a double island or butler’s pantry. Call the design experts at Parada about the best layout for your home. Our expert staff will be happy to find the most functional trending layout that matches your unique style and tastes.

The Work Triangle

Determine your work triable before choosing the layout for your kitchen remodel. What is the work triangle? You want to make a triangle between the key elements of your kitchen – food prep area, refrigerator, and stove. This work triangle helps you find the right layout. Consider your work triangle when you design your kitchen.

Other Considerations

You may need to consider additional issues like a growing family, having an accessible wide open space, or even a space for pets. Do you need to add a workspace in your kitchen? Do you entertain often? What about energy efficiency and smart technology? Believe it or not, you need to consider many elements when designing your kitchen.

The professional design team at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms prides itself on superior customer service and years of design experience. We will help you find the perfect layout for your kitchen remodels. Call our talented team today. We will be happy to answer any of your important questions. Contact us.



How To Design the Perfect Kitchen in 2020


When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for your home, you need to consider everything from lighting to functionality to style. Use this helpful checklist to design the perfect modern kitchen designs for your home.


Before you decide to upscale your kitchen, consider functionality and your motivation for changing your kitchen. Do you need to improve an old traditional kitchen space or accommodate a growing family? Do you need an accessible kitchen? Today’s modern kitchen designs offer you flexibility, technology, and energy-efficiency. Consider how you want to use your kitchen first.


You have numerous choices for your custom cabinets. New kitchen cabinets accommodate the busy home chef as well as hide unwanted junk and pantry items:

  • Will you replace, refinish, or reface existing cabinets?
  • What door style do you want?
  • Choose the finish: painted, dark wood, light wood, laminated, stainless steel, glass doors
  • What type of hardware do you want?
  • Do you have space for a butler’s pantry?
  • Do you need accessibility?

Ask our Parada designers about the needs you have for your kitchen cabinets. They will help you find the right cabinets for you.

Kitchen Counter, Sinks, and Island

You need a working space for your kitchen. An island can serve for storage, entertainment, and food preparation. Consider these options when choosing the counter or kitchen island right for you:

  • Do you need a kitchen island or double kitchen island?
  • Do you want to incorporate options like a trash chute, trivet strips, or additional sink?
  • What material will you choose?
  • Want a partial or full wall backsplash?
  • Do you prefer a peninsula, island, or perimeter counters?
  • Would you benefit from a second dishwasher?
  • Would a purified or soap dispenser be helpful?


Choose options like energy-efficient appliances and smart technology. The 21st-century kitchen helps the homeowner organize, save money, and reduce energy. Consider the appliances you need for your home:

  • Smart appliances
  • Coffee maker
  • Smart technology refrigerator
  • Oven and ventilation
  • Dishwasher
  • Trash compactor
  • Wine fridge

Finishing Touches

Finally, consider finishing touches like the flooring style, wall treatments, lighting, and seating options. Call the experts at Parada to help you design the perfect 21st-century kitchen for your home. Our friendly staff will be happy to work with you. Schedule your first consultation today.



Top Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Family


Want to be happy with your kitchen? Then you need proper storage and display. What does this look like? Hidden storage for kitchen cabinets? A massive double kitchen island? You need to understand your needs to truly create a functional kitchen. Be clutter-free forever with these great tips.

The Butler’s Pantry is Back

The kitchen in 2020 is the center of your home. More than a space to entertain and prepare food, the kitchen brings your family and friends together. Entertain, work together, talk together, even do schoolwork together in your kitchen. Because of this you need to think of more storage for your kitchen cabinets overall.

The butler’s pantry provides a space for housekeeping, food preparation, and storage. Most homes can accommodate a new butler’s pantry. Customize an existent pantry space or use an empty hallway. Knock down a few walls to create a new exciting multipurpose space. This walk-in space often includes space for linens, a small kitchen sink, silverware, and classic pantry items. Prepare food and wine in the butler’s pantry, leaving your kitchen clutter-free.

Most butler’s pantries include impressive shelving and storage space. While the modern butler’s pantry often stores only food-related items, today’s modern urban landscape has created some new ideas for the space.

Homeowners have created a smaller workspace to accommodate working-from-home in the butler’s pantry. A small office desk, wi-fi connection, and chair often are all that is needed for a small urban workspace. This multipurpose use makes the most of smaller urban condos and homes.

Custom Shelving

Look around your kitchen. You probably have a lot of underutilized spaces. Speak with our designers at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms about making the most of your home. Every nook and cranny can benefit from beautiful custom shelving or a new pantry. Sometimes you already have a pantry space but the shelving does not accommodate your needs. Simple. Let us have a look at your pantry space. We can develop a custom shelving closet organization system that will perfectly meet your needs. Use every vertical inch of your home.

Hidden Storage Solutions

Hidden storage like a small built-in shelving unit or kitchen island with pull-out shelves further maximizes every inch of space in your home. Built-in shelving is available in any style and color. Combine drawers with shelving to store cookbooks, dishes, baskets, and canisters. Hide them behind dark wood doors or display your dishware set with beautiful glass door cabinets.

Call the experts at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms today. We will partner with you to build the kitchen of your dreams. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Choose from the widest selection in the region. Contact us today.


25 Gorgeous Luxury Kitchen Ideas


You deserve a stunning kitchen of your dreams. What features make a beautiful luxury kitchen? Maybe a minimalist kitchen with island design and double dishwashers? Or do you want a huge dedicated breakfast bar or kitchen nook? Find out how to seriously upgrade your home with a gorgeous kitchen space.

Go Big and Spacious

One thing all luxury kitchens have in common: Space! Whether this means that the home has an open plan with plenty of space for entertainment and eating or creates the illusion of space in a smaller urban dwelling, luxury kitchens give you calm with a clutter-free zone. For example, your elegant kitchen with island design might have a rich rustic look with a hidden butler’s pantry for storage and housekeeping. Maybe you have an artistic floor to ceiling backsplash or warm custom lighting.

Explore these incredible ideas for your kitchen. Partner with the professional design team at Parada Kitchen to create the kitchen that your family needs. Ask us about these exciting trends for 2020.

  1. Elegant suspended chandeliers and custom lighting
  2. Dark cabinetry in natural woods
  3. A rich rustic style
  4. Double kitchen islands
  5. Glass-faced cabinets
  6. Walk-in pantry
  7. Ornate white traditional kitchen
  8. Gold fixtures and accents
  9. Smart Home technology
  10. Energy efficient appliances
  11. Massive skylight for the ultimate natural lighting
  12. Large spacious breakfast bar
  13. Customized pet nook for your furry friends
  14. Flush mounted cabinets
  15. Add windows for more natural lighting
  16. Copper stove hood
  17. Artisan backsplash from floor to ceiling
  18. Classic black and white look with marble
  19. Monochromatic color scheme with stainless steel appliances
  20. Ebony contemporary upscale kitchen with double dishwashers
  21. Custom workspace
  22. Soft sound absorbent wood flooring
  23. Durable and versatile cement floors
  24. Accessible island and cabinets
  25. Family friendly appliances and layout

Top Trends for 2020

This year kitchens have become the center of the home. More than a place to cook, the kitchen can become a place for entertaining, family dinners, schoolwork, or a makeshift office space. Large budget or small, the talented professionals at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms are ready to help you create a design layout the is both functional and elegant. Call us today


Which Countertop Surfaces Minimize Germs in Your Home?


Your kitchen is the heart of your sanctuary – your home. Your home provides both a place of comfort and a place to entertain and make memories to last a lifetime. Keep your home clean and safe, especially the kitchen where you prepare food. No matter if you need small kitchen design ideas or have a large spacious culinary space, knowing which countertop surfaces minimize germs and viruses in your home will protect your family.

Easy to Clean is Key

When selecting the right countertop materials, choose a countertop material that requires low maintenance. You want a surface you can easily clean. You need your kitchen to be the cleanest place in the home. Because you prepare food, cook, and eat in the kitchen, keeping it free of germs will help keep your family healthier. Small kitchen design ideas or large, installing a non-porous countertop will reduce bacteria and viruses in your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

One of the most popular non-porous countertop surfaces is quartz. Both beautiful and versatile, a quartz countertop will ensure easy cleaning and low maintenance. Don’t worry about fungus and bacteria growing in fissures and cracks. Instead simply clean the countertop with disinfectant on a daily basis with a non-abrasive cleaner. Use soap and water and a gentle cleaning cloth. Interested in replacing an outdated countertop with quartz or other material? Call the team at Parada Kitchens & Bath. Our seasoned designers will help find the right countertop for you budget.

Solid Surface Countertops

Corian solid surface countertops only need a soft cloth and mild soap for cleaning. This grout-free countertop is both non-porous and resists stains. The extra benefit to solid surface countertops? Count on extra durability and strength to last for years and years to come.

Laminate and Granite

You can find affordable countertop options with laminate. Brands like Wilsonart and Formica have beautiful natural stone and wood finishes. They are antimicrobial, which means that they resist germs. These countertops need regular maintenance. Watch for the growth of fungus at the seams. Granite countertops with a seal can also protect against germs.

Call the kitchen experts at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We provide the largest selection of countertops in the region. Contact us today.