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6 Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen this New Year

Are you ready to upgrade a drab kitchen space for kitchen cabinets? In 2023 focus on creating a clean and modern space. Customized cabinetry, open shelving, lighter-coloured countertops, integrated lighting and bold accent colours will transform your kitchen. Smart placement and colour for kitchen cabinets and smart appliances open up the space. Read on to discover how to create the kitchen you always wanted. Be inspired today.

1 Open Concept Designs

Open-concept kitchens are still in vogue in 2023 as homeowners look for ways to enlarge their living areas while preserving privacy.  Wall-less kitchens allow chefs to entertain guests and incorporate landscape views into their dining experience. Glass doors for kitchen cabinets create an opportunity to showcase your prized China and premier spice collections. Don’t forget to let in natural light to brighten your home. 

2 Incorporating Smart Technology

Automation is key for any modern kitchen design, from voice command appliances to cabinets that open with sensors. Smart appliances can track what’s already in the refrigerator, or smart counters that help craft menus and count calories. Ask our team how to use technology to upgrade your kitchen truly. 

3 Bold Kitchen Colour Palette

Because modern kitchens have so many electronics and stainless steel elements, bolder colours are needed to create a sense of balance within the design. Expect to see deeper hues like reds, blues and emerald green used as accent pieces against neutral palettes like white, black and light wood tones.

4 Multifunctional Kitchen Spaces

After the pandemic, many families have transformed their kitchens into multifunctional spaces. Add a reading nook or small office space. Make a breakfast bar a great place for doing homework. The kitchen is the center of the home. Make it a multifunctional one. If you are not sure how to reinvent your kitchen to accommodate your busy lifestyle, contact our helpful design team. They will be happy to sit down with you and find ways to upgrade your kitchen. 

5 Combining Materials for a Unique Look

Butcher block countertops, marble floors, stone walls or stainless steel cabinetry offer an eclectic farmyard feel paired with green or cobalt blue for decorative accents. Textures such as cork tiles and backsplashes are also beneficial luxury touches that provide ergonomic comfort when spending long hours in the kitchen.

6 Finding Hidden Kitchen Storage Solutions

Maximizing available kitchen storage areas is a challenge for modern kitchens due to their smaller scale– but clever thinking offers many creative solutions that maximize storage capacity while keeping clutter at bay. Innovative ideas range from hidden drawers disguised behind cabinet doors. Sliding shelves pull, outs or cozy window seat benches with discreet hatches underneath.

When you want to transform your kitchen, contact Parada. We have the number one kitchen design team in the region. We pride ourselves on high-quality design and only the best materials. Call us today to set up your initial consultation. We will be happy to help you.

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