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How to Choose a Kitchen Sink?

With so many choices, how can you choose the perfect kitchen sink for you? Your new kitchen sink could transform your workstation. You want a kitchen that offers you functionality and comfort as you cook, prep, and wash. If you intend to do an entire remodel including kitchen cabinets design, flooring, and new appliances, compliment the space with the right sink. When looking at a new sink consider the type of materials available, functionality, and size. Read on for helpful professional tips from our design team. 

What Size Sink is Best?

When finding the right sink for your kitchen, the size does matter. If you have a tighter budget, do your best to install a sink that meets all your needs. Remember, the larger and deeper the sink, the more you will pay for it. However, a functional sink that costs a little more will more than make up for the value to you in the end. If you don’t use your kitchen much, then a standard-size kitchen sink will work well for you. However, if you love to cook or often have multiple cooks in the kitchen, then a larger sink option works best. Consider the size of your kitchen as well. For example, the large double farmhouse sink might be gorgeous, but it could easily overwhelm a small galley kitchen. And consider if you will need to adjust the kitchen cabinets design to accommodate your new sink. 

Undermount or Drop-In?

A standard drop-in sink just drops into a space on your counter. For a seamless look, choose the undermount. The sink attaches underneath for a sleeker more modern look. Additionally, the undermount sink collects less grime and gives a little more counter space. 

Single vs. Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Most homeowners choose a double bowl sink. This allows you space to separate clean and dirty dishes. The extra bowl gives you more than plenty of room. If you cook on a regular basis and often pile up dishes, you will appreciate the value of a double sink. However, you might not have enough space for a luxurious double sink. Your kitchen designer will work with you to find the right size sink for your remodel. 

Think About Materials

When you want to choose the right kitchen sink for your home, you have many exciting options to choose from: 

  • Porcelain
  • Stainless Steel
  • Enameled Cast Iron
  • Quartz Composite
  • Granite Composite
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Fireclay
  • Enamelled Steel
  • Solid Surface
  • And more

With so many choices, which should you choose for your new kitchen remodel? Stainless steel and composite remind the most popular kitchen sink materials. Stainless steel provides the most durability and longevity. Stainless steel also pairs well with most countertops. Stainless steel is tough and reliable. 

Kitchen Remodeling and Design at Parada

At Parada, we offer the highest quality kitchen remodelling design in the region. Our seasoned design professionals work side-by-side with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. You deserve the best – a gorgeous space that is both functional and comfortable. We believe that every family should have an incredible kitchen. Find out what makes Parada the best. Contact us today. We would love to work with you. 

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