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How to Incorporate Contemporary Style into Your Kitchen

Are you ready to upgrade your drab kitchen? Add some contemporary styles with these top trending home design ideas for 2023. Discover how you can seriously upgrade your kitchen this year from smart appliances to replacing a small kitchen island with modular units. Discover how technology and modern functionality can improve your life.  

Add Extra Functionality with Modular Kitchen Islands

Do you need more usable space in your kitchen? Maybe you have a smaller kitchen or a problematic kitchen layout. A small kitchen island provides some space for food prepping and storage. However, many homeowners have opted for modular kitchen islands. These islands can be placed together for larger prep space or stacked vertically. They come in various interesting colours and designs to fit any lifestyle. Easy to move, you can customize your kitchen for entertaining, cooking, or prepping in a few minutes.

Smart Refrigerators Save You Money and Time

Outfit your kitchen with a digital fridge. This smart appliance runs on artificial intelligence, allowing you to access it whenever and wherever virtually. The refrigerator will also alert you when something is running low or if you need to replace outdated items quickly and easily. Through facial recognition technology, the device can monitor who are entering and leaving the kitchen by tracking the usage of the appliance’s contents. 

Add Accessibility with Voice-Activated Appliances

Voice-activated appliances make an appearance in contemporary luxury kitchens this year. Voice activation eliminates bulky controls or buttons, replacing them with sleek voice commands so users can set temperatures, activate processes, adjust speeds, and open drawers without lifting a finger! Streamline cooking processes while adding a modern touch to any kitchen design.   

Install a Coffee Station with a New Smart Coffee Maker

As coffee becomes a major part of many peoples’ daily life, it’s only natural to become smarter over time. Luxury kitchens benefit from advanced coffee makers understanding different brewing profiles specific to each customer’s preference for taste and strength levels. Every batch of coffee brewed is perfectly tailored according to its owner’s desires.

Build a Custom Butler’s Pantry

With so many of us making our home the center for entertainment, work, and play, having a beautiful butler’s pantry is a must–have for any contemporary kitchen. This designated space can store appliances and China while serving as a separate prep station or wine closet. Speak with your home remodelers about how you can transform your kitchen space with a beautiful butler’s pantry.

Save Water Usage with Sustainable Automated Kitchen Sinks 

High-tech automated faucets provide hands-free usage through motion sensors detecting hands placed underneath their metal frames and then adjusting water pressure. They save on water usage. They keep bacteria and germs at bay and provide a more hygienic option. With so many benefits, installing an automated kitchen sink is a must-have. 

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