Custom Kitchens Toronto

4 Ideas To Improve Your Kitchen Flow

Love looking at your kitchen but not actually being in your kitchen? Have you invented a new kitchen dance anytime you need to share your space? Then it’s definitely time to improve your kitchen flow. Designated areas If you’re a coffee lover, it just makes sense to have all your coffee supplies in one location. […]

4 Easy Ways To Create Storage In Your Condo Kitchen

Condo kitchens can feel small and as a result of the limited space, can quickly become disorganized. Here are four easy ways to create storage in your condo kitchen. Under the Sink The area under the sink is often forgotten when trying to create storage for your condo kitchen. It can be dirty and smelly. […]

Smart Storage for Small Spaces

Small spaces require clever solutions.  In some homes, there just isn’t any more room to add extra cabinets or shelves, yet you still find yourself with piles of books, electronics, dishes and more beginning to pile up.  You may need to think outside the box to keep yourself from being swarmed with too much mess […]