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How Do You Design a Small Kitchen?

How Do You Design a Small Kitchen?

With a small kitchen, you have to create a list of items you will likely sacrifice. You can’t fit everything into a tiny space. You might feel like you can’t get anything into your kitchen. So, how do you design a small kitchen? First, small kitchens thrive on good organizational skills. You’ll also want to […]

6 Benefits of Open Shelving in the Kitchen


Open shelving has gained significant popularity in the last few years. Enjoy a more open luxurious space. What to put on open kitchen shelves? Think about displaying your prized China collection, knick-knacks from your travels, or your exotic spices collection. The choices are limitless. Why Open Shelving? Choosing open shelving will give you more opportunities […]

Kitchen Cupboards overdue renovations

One of the biggest challenges for homeowners is space, or a lack of it. No matter how big a house looks before you move in, you soon realize the family room appears overwhelmed by the entertainment center, or the kitchen cupboards seem a little outdated for a growing family. If you find yourself in a […]