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How Do You Design a Small Kitchen?

With a small kitchen, you have to create a list of items you will likely sacrifice. You can’t fit everything into a tiny space. You might feel like you can’t get anything into your kitchen. So, how do you design a small kitchen?

First, small kitchens thrive on good organizational skills. You’ll also want to utilize any available wall space and remove bulky cabinets if possible. Finally, some items from the ceiling could be another option.

A small kitchen needs to utilize its space efficiently. Below, we’ll go through some additional steps to make help your small kitchen feel big.

Tip One: Mounting is Your Friend

The biggest mistake you see with a small kitchen is the lack of utilizing walls. It would be best to have spice racks, pot racks, cutting board hanging stations, and open spaces. Without these, you are underutilizing space.

Now, it’s important not to go too crazy. After all, there needs to be a bit of white space not to overwhelm yourself every time you enter the kitchen. But that’s why you hang things with some area between them.

Tip Two: Contrast Is King

Another crucial element to making small spaces appear big comes back to contrast. This contrast needs to come in two forms:

  • Light and dark
  • Colorful and bright

Small spaces appear prominent with influence from the colors around them. Light areas that “pop” out appear a lot bigger than they seem.

Having a small, dark kitchen will make you feel like you are doing work around a closet. Dark rooms are best for big rooms and need to feel cozy—for example, an oversized living room.

Tip Three: Movable Islands

A large kitchen island is entirely out of sync for a small kitchen. But if it is a smaller kitchen item, those come with wheels.

Wheels on a kitchen island mean two things:

  • You can create a movable prep area
  • You can get that island out of the way

You can potentially move food prep to other rooms in tiny spaces. Just be extra careful about dropping food on the floor!

Even if you don’t want to move a prep area out into the living room, you can quickly push a small movable kitchen island out of the way.

Tip Four: Consider a Kitchen Renovation

When small solutions and wall hangings don’t, it’s time to get extreme with a kitchen makeover. A renovation allows you a complete redesign using space-saving measures.

Professional contractors know how to utilize small spaces to make things more usable. If you have good organization skills, they can tell you the realism of applying that organizational skillset.

Overall, a kitchen renovation solves many things, so start saving now if you don’t like your home’s tiny kitchen.

Conclusion – Final Tips on Handling Small Kitchens

For a total small kitchen redesign, you can always count on Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms. Until then, here are some quick tips to increase the size of that tiny kitchen:

  • Focus on minimalism
  • Remove unnecessary and unwanted items
  • Remove cabinets and replace them with open shelving
  • Combine appliances with cabinetry when possible

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