4 Kitchen Countertop Ideas

4 Kitchen Countertop IdeasKitchen countertops come in all different sorts of materials – and making sure you pick the right material for your kitchen is very important.  It’s one part of your kitchen you are almost guaranteed to use on a daily basis, so if you pick one that isn’t durable enough for your needs, you’ll end up regretting it.

The experts at Parada Kitchens can help you pick the perfect countertop to meet your specific needs, taking into account how you use your kitchen, the style and design you’re aiming for, and your budget restrictions.  Here are four of the best surfaces for your new kitchen countertops.


Quartz countertops are made of engineered stone.  That makes them a low-maintenance, highly durable surface with a large variety of color choices to match your kitchen design.  It mimics the look of true stone, like granite or marble, but doesn’t require the same sealing or aftercare.  It also stands up well to heat, cuts and abrasions.  It can chip, however, and edges and corners are particularly vulnerable to damage.


Granite still reigns supreme as one of the most popular and elegant choices for your kitchen countertop.  It’s a beautiful, strong, natural surface.  The unique grain in each block of granite ensures that your countertop will be unique, as opposed to man-made surfaces which will look identical from home to home.  However, it’s important to remember that granite is a porous surface.  That means you’ll have to seal it regularly to avoid bacteria and mildew from permeating its surface – you have to factor in regular upkeep for a granite counter.


If you’re on a tight budget, it’s tough to beat laminate.  It’s inexpensive, easy to install and looks a lot better nowadays than it did in your grandmother’s kitchen!  Old laminate looks dated and out of fashion, but modern construction and printing technology help make it look fresh and modern, while still preserving the advantages that made laminate the go-to option for years.  It still doesn’t stand up well to cuts and isn’t repairable, though, so cutting boards are a must to protect your laminate countertops from damage.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops, including Corian and Wilsonart, are an acrylic and polyester blend that makes a great countertop.  It’s a non-porous surface, meaning there’s almost no regular maintenance required.  Any scratches and burns can easily be sanded out, keeping your surface looking good even under heavy use.  There’s a wide variety of color and pattern options, including options you simply won’t find in nature.  Unlike engineered stone, solid surface countertops look artificial and man-made; they’re not a good replacement for granite or marble if you’re looking for a natural look.  It also is more vulnerable to heat damage than other surfaces.


3 Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

3 Unique Kitchen Design IdeasThe most important aspect of a kitchen is function, of course – you wouldn’t want a kitchen you couldn’t cook in!  Once that’s achieved, however, you have a wide range of options and styles to choose from.  You want a kitchen that looks fabulous – and one that stands out from your neighbors, in a positive, modern and exciting way.

A unique kitchen design can help your room really stand out.  The experts at Parada Kitchens can help create a custom-built kitchen that will fulfil your needs, wants and stylistic choices and work best in your space.  Here are some more unique kitchen design ideas to consider when trying to think outside the box.

Add Industrial Lighting

Industrial-style lighting has become a very “in” kitchen addition in recent years.  Black or stainless steel construction, wire cages instead of sconces, clear or antique light-bulbs – industrial-style accoutrements add a chic vibe and are an interesting shift from traditional chandeliers.  With rich tones and alternative metals, industrial lighting helps give your kitchen a unique feel without sacrificing a well-lit room.

Smart Tech

Smart technology has come to the kitchen, and while you’re replacing appliances and upgrading your room anyway, why not go all-in on the smart trend?  Countertops can be equipped with charging points for your device with modern charging surfaces.  Ovens, stovetops and cooking appliances can connect with your smartphone, allowing you to adjust cooking temperatures and durations at the push of a button.  Smart tech is here to make your life easier, and it could make your kitchen a modern marvel.

Upgraded Islands

Kitchen islands are a classic piece of kitchen design, but with a few tweaks and customizations, you can create a unique addition to your room.  Glass or mirror doors on kitchen island storage units provide a nice alternative to the solid, wood-paneled look, as well as providing more shelving space and storage room.  It can convert a functional piece of furniture into a display case, allowing you to showcase your own unique style.


Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

Stylish Bathroom Design IdeasRenovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  There’s a misconception that only a complete upheaval can make any real difference in how your room looks and feels, but that’s just not true.

You can achieve a stylish bathroom design with some practical, simple changes.  The experts here at Parada Kitchens have some suggestions on how to give a stylish flair to any bathroom.


Shelving is a great, quick addition to any room, and the bathroom is no exception.  It’s the most simple, straightforward way to add style to your bathroom, but a surprisingly large number of people overlook it.  You can opt for the crisp-and-clean look of floating shelves, or more ornate ones for a fancier touch.

More Storage

Let’s be blunt – bathroom necessities aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing objects in the universe.  Storage options can improve the look of a room immensely – think a wicker basket for holding toilet paper rolls, or glass jars for toothbrushes or cotton swabs.

Replace Your Cabinets

Cabinets are a relatively quick way to rejuvenate your space – and easy to do as a one-off, apart from redesigning your whole bathroom.  It’s often the central piece of furniture in the room, and thus, dominates the aesthetic feel of the room.  Upgrading your cabinet to a more stylish, modern look will give your bathroom a quick facelift, as well as helping to improve your storage and organizational capacities.


Mirrors are a great addition, especially in a small bathroom.  Mirrors make confined spaces appear much larger, giving the illusion of extra space that’s key to making a room feel more open and welcoming.  Mirrors are also highly functional in the bathroom.  A fancy, ornate mirror increases your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and functionality simultaneously, making it a great value.

Whatever you decide, the experts at Parada Kitchens can help you.  We’re the GTA’s bathroom renovation experts!  Call us today.


Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value

Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Property’s ValueRemodeling doesn’t just make your home more livable – it’s a sound investment, as well.  A well-done remodel can transform your property into a destination in the neighborhood; a valuable centerpiece that will see its value skyrocket through the roof.  At Parada Kitchens, we’re all about renovating your space to make it both more livable and more valuable.  Here are some of our tips.

Kitchen First

Obviously, we recommend the kitchen as the focus of your remodel; if you can afford to do just one room, the kitchen should be it.  The key to a successful kitchen remodel is to improve its utility and functionality first.   The kitchen is a working room; you want to ensure that it’s easy and comfortable to work in before adding bells and whistles.  Once that has been obtained, however, the sky’s the limit!

Wood Floors

Carpeting is fine for what it is, but be aware it’s going to wear out, no matter how well it’s made or how well it’s installed.  Foot traffic will help saturate it with dirt and dust, and wear and tear will eventually make it look threadbare and uninviting.  Shampooing and otherwise maintaining it can help, but carpet will eventually need to be replaced.  A wood floor, however, has a lot more versatility.  It’s a very “in” surface at the moment, too, meaning that it’s going to be very attractive to potential home buyers.  You can also go with tile or stone, but those are generally colder and less inviting.  Wood is really the way to go.

A Deck

Don’t limit your ideas to just the indoors!  A deck essentially adds an outdoor room to your home, adding to your livable space.  Decks make great family-oriented outdoor space, which is something that potential home buyers love.  It adds aesthetic appeal to your home, and is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to add extra space and value.

Whatever you decide, the experts at Parada Kitchens can help you.  We’re the GTA’s kitchen renovation experts!  Call us today.


Tips for Easing the Stress of Kitchen Renovations

Tips for Easing the Stress of Kitchen RenovationsA kitchen renovation is an exciting time – but it can also be a very stressful one.  The time and costs involved can be daunting to people undergoing their first renovation, and the fear of logistical headaches lead some to put off vital renovations for years.

Have no fear!  At Parada Kitchens, we have experience dealing with the toughest remodels.  We’ve learned some tricks to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible – here are our top tips to easing the stress of kitchen renovations.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to planning home renovations.  Planning a budget and a time frame are key to making sure the entire process runs smoothly.  It helps keep you organized, which should help keep you calm.  It’s also beneficial to prepare your home for the renovation before hand – removing things you won’t want in your finished kitchen, making sure people have easy access to the space for construction and things of that nature.  Preparing your space before the renovation starts will avoid the headaches of scrambling to get everything ready during the actual renovation process.

Think of it as an investment

Often times, a renovation can come with a bit of sticker shock – especially as smaller things begin to pile up, such as appliances.  There can be an urge to skimp on some of the appliances in order to save some extra money, but this is usually an urge that leads to more headaches further down the line.  Cheaper options generally will require replacement sooner rather than later.  Treat your appliances as an investment – spend the extra cash up front and avoid the headaches on the back end.

Get agreements in writing

When you work with the experts at Parada Kitchens, you know you’re getting trustworthy, experienced professionals to help with your kitchen renovations.  That’s very easy for us to say, however, and the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to make sure you get all agreements in writing before the job begins.  That way you’ve got written, physical proof of what you were expecting, should there be any issues that you need resolving along the way.