6 Benefits of Open Shelving in the Kitchen


Open shelving has gained significant popularity in the last few years. Enjoy a more open luxurious space. What to put on open kitchen shelves? Think about displaying your prized China collection, knick-knacks from your travels, or your exotic spices collection. The choices are limitless.

Why Open Shelving?

Choosing open shelving will give you more opportunities to showcase dishware and show your own unique style. No matter what to put on open kitchen shelves, you will enjoy increased durability and storage options. Here are some of the pros of open shelving:

  • More Storage – Increase storage and create a modern and relaxed kitchen
  • Warm and Cozy – An open shelving kitchen plan makes your kitchen more open for guests. They can quickly grab a cup for tea and make your home their home
  • Enjoy an Open Space – Older outdated kitchen cabinets can make a kitchen look crowded. On the other hand, open shelving opens up space
  • Low Maintenance – Quickly clean the dust on the shelf
  • Organization – Place what you need within sight and easy to reach
  • Showcase Your Style – Display your glassware on display for all to see

Speak with your project manager about incorporating open shelving into your kitchen design. You will love the way that open shelving opens up your kitchen space.

Making the Most of Open Shelving

When displaying objects on open shelves, try grouping like objects and colors together. Avoid just dumping random canned goods, glassware, and dishes on the same shelf. Stick to a simple palette. Many homeowners opt for white shelving then accent with bold colored glassware and dishes. Transform your kitchen.

What is your kitchen style? Find objects that accent your tastes:

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Vintage
  • High Gloss

Stack plates together. Group like glassware. Talk to our designers about options like a butler’s kitchen and hidden storage to hide away less attractive items. Add a more natural organic look to your kitchen by lining shelves with beautiful plants and live herbs in unique pottery. Show your Jadeite or Fiestaware. Display souvenirs from your travels or cherished antiques. Your choices are unlimited when you have open shelving.

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel


Getting ready for your dream kitchen can be a daunting task! Kitchen renovation can take weeks from start to finish. During the remodel you will need to move your kitchen appliances, furniture, and valuables into storage. Additionally, you may need to stay at a friend or family members’ home during the build. However, keep in mind that the remodel is such a short length of time in comparison to the many years you will enjoy your new kitchen. Check out our top tips!

Be Prepared

Prevent heartache and stress by being prepared. What does this mean? Store and pack any kitchen appliances, dishes, utensils, and furniture that you will not need during the duration of the build. Be sure to consider covering the floor and paintings in protective plastic. Talk with your designer about how best to prepare your home for the build.

Take this time to toss out unused appliances, dishware, and junk. Do you have a slowcooker you haven’t opened since your wedding day? Then donate it. Make a pile of “keep”, “store”, and “donate”. This will help open up more space in your dream kitchen, as well as minimize how much clutter you need to pack.

If you decide to stay at home during the renovation, set aside a small area as a temporary kitchen area. You can leave your coffeemaker, a microwave, and small office fridge here. Plan on quick dinners that have little mess. This will save you both money and anxiety for the next two weeks.

You definitely need to keep your loved ones safe. Whether you have little furry friends, toddlers, or older adults that require accessibility, keep them away from the construction zone. You might have older children enjoy a sleepover at a friend’s house or ask a neighbor to watch your puppy for a week. The construction area has many hazards. Keep your little ones and pets away from the build site.

Plan for Vacation

If possible, plan the remodel during a vacation. This will allow you and your family to enjoy the time away from home. By the time you return you will have a beautiful new kitchen!

Minimize Dust and Dirt

Cover your carpets and floors. Reduce the dust and dirt by isolating the area. You may need to run an air purifier in the area after the build. Always remove anything that might be broken during construction.

It is possible to enjoy your kitchen remodel. Be sure to follow these great steps for your kitchen remodel. Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms provides high quality luxury kitchen renovations for every client. Large or small, we will help you realize your dream home. Contact us today.


How to Create Your Dream Kitchen in 4 Steps


Excited to renovate your kitchen? Does the remodel leave you with a lot of questions? Should you try a kitchen design with an island, go for custom cabinetry, or try smart home technology? Our design professionals have put together this quick checklist to create your dream kitchen.

Step 1. Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

You can’t move forward until you know what you want. Always consider function as well as aesthetics. For example, kitchen design with an island may be ideal if you love to cook. You might need more seating if you entertain large gatherings. Or maybe you mostly cookout but would love more control over your lighting through smart home technology?

Whether you decide to create a Pinterest board with all of your favorite kitchen ideas, create a physical vision board, or sit down with a designer to create a 3D layout of your home, you need to know what you want. Our experienced team can help you decide what kitchen elements are perfect for your home.

Step 2. What Is Your Work Space?

If you cook often, measure out how much space you need for cooking, chopping veggies, storing those artisan oils, and finding your extensive spices collection. Even if you only cook once in a blue moon, knowing how much space you need for entertaining and preparing meals will ensure that your kitchen space is ideal. Consider the size and layout of your kitchen. You may need to consider taking down unnecessary walls or installing custom cabinetry.

Step 3. Don’t Work Alone

You want the help of a designer to create the final layout and design. Why? An experienced designer will help you find the best option for your budget. They can inspect your current kitchen space and develop exciting concepts that work with your style. Work together to create the perfect kitchen.

Step 4. Time for the Build!

Prepare your family for the kitchen remodel. This may take several weeks, depending on the extent of the renovation. Plan a vacation, have the kids stay at the in-laws, and store away any valuables. Speak with your contractor about how to prepare your home for the remodel.

Now it’s just time to wait! Enjoy your new exciting kitchen. Need help designing your home? Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms provides the best kitchen renovation services in Toronto. Trust us to provide you with superior craftsmanship for your home. Call us today.




How Do I Make My Kitchen Look High End?


How can you transform your kitchen into the luxury space of your dreams? When considering a luxury home renovation, don’t overlook the focal point of your home – the kitchen. The kitchen provides functionality, comfort, and entertainment value for your home. A beautiful space will increase overall home value as well as provide a place to create fond memories for family and friends. Explore exciting changes you can make to your kitchen.

Contemporary Hardware

Many older homes have dated hardware in the kitchen. A simple luxury home renovation upgrade involves replacing all hardware and light fixtures in the kitchen. Opt for modern metallic fixtures that have a minimalist look like polished nickel or unlacquered brass. Don’t be afraid to combine different metallic styles for a unique look.

Choose a Style

Maybe you need to energize your kitchen with a new style altogether. Choose from a number of popular home design trends like:

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Vintage
  • High Gloss
  • Coastal
  • Old World
  • Country Farmhouse

Each design trend has its own unique look and feel. For example, if you enjoy open spaces and nature, you might want to try creating a beautiful country kitchen or try cottage charm. Incorporate barn doors, antiques, and indoor greenery for a welcome oasis in your own home.

With so many options, you might need some help choosing the right style to fit your and your family. Call our talented team today. We would be happy to help you discover the perfect style for your family.

Glass Cabinets

Open up your space with glass cabinets. Display beautiful dishware, knickknacks, and plants with elegant glass doors. These doors bring spaciousness to cramped spaces. Afraid of showing too much clutter? Then ask about custom kitchen cabinets that have secrete storage compartments for hiding pots, silverware, spices, and pans.

Luxury Lighting Options

Sometimes all you need to do is update your light fixtures. Add beautiful globe fixtures over the eating area or polished nickel downlighting over your kitchen island. Add accent lighting, toe kick lighting strips, or under-cabinet lighting. Good lighting will dramatically change the space. Add smart lightbulbs that work with your phone to help you control lighting or install a dimmer.

Update the Backsplash

Invigorate your drab kitchen with a newly updated backsplash. Show off your unique style with an elegant backsplash. Try trending options like herringbone, subway tile, or concrete. Choose eye-catching patterns, bold colors, or creative tiling to make a real statement. Try onyx, classic marble, or Portuguese tiling.

Replace the Countertops

Change the material of your countertops for instant luxury. Countertops come in a wide array of materials: concrete, marble, engineered quartz, recycled glass and cement, granite, stainless steel, or soapstone. Be sure to discuss any budgetary concerns when selecting a new countertop. Look for added aesthetic elegance and durability when selecting a material. High-end countertops last for decades to come.




Top 6 Trending Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2020


It’s a new year and time to remodel your kitchen!  Whether you decide to make small changes or redo the entire kitchen with a new custom design, you will enjoy your new exciting space. The cost of kitchen renovation is well spent. Let’s discover the top trending home design options for kitchens in 2020.

New Custom Cabinets

Tired of your dated kitchen cabinets? Speak with a home designer about installing brand new cabinets for your home. They add both functionality and aesthetic beauty. The cost for kitchen renovations and new cabinets will fit in your budget when you work with a seasoned professional like Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms. We will help you realize your dream kitchen, large or small. Custom cabinets will help increase the usability of your space and bring in a modern update to your home.

Here are some of the top cabinet design ideas:

  • Bold colors
  • Hidden storage compartments
  • Glass doors to showcase beautiful dishware
  • Natural woods
  • Customized to fit smaller spaces
  • Open Shelving
  • Update older cabinets with new doors
  • Add new hardware to older cabinets

A Splash of Paint

Believe it or not, you can transform your kitchen with a coat of paint. Meet with an interior designer and discuss your vision for your kitchen. Do you want to brighten up a dark kitchen, open up a small urban space, or modernize an antiquated décor? Find new exciting ways to update your culinary space. For example, you might want to try contrasting colors like midnight black with marble, or natural dark woods with lush greenery.


This year explore materials. Replace old faucet fixtures with new metallic minimalist fixtures. Add sleekness and elegance to your kitchen. If you want a more organic look, try natural woods in your cabinets or kitchen island. Get creative! Explore textures and even fabric styles. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Make it welcome and vibrant.


Sustainability dominates today’s contemporary home design. Add a touch of green to your kitchen with vibrant plants, an indoor herb garden, or even a “green” wall. Install an indoor vertical garden system to enjoy fresh herbs year-round. Add indoor plants. If gardening is not your strong suit, then try simple succulents. Cacti require minimal care and provide a splash of vibrancy in your home.

Luxury Lighting

Revitalize your kitchen with luxury lighting. Layer your lighting, combining downlighting with sconces and other lighting fixates. Toe kick lighting provides a useful and elegant lighting option. Experiment with colorful lighting to add a touch of unique style.


Make your kitchen a smart kitchen. Combine smart speakers with smart luxury appliances, smart lightbulbs, and other smart devices. Enjoy controlling your kitchen from your refrigerator to lighting. Or set the right music perfect for a romantic dinner.

Contact our kitchen remodeling experts at Parada Kitchens & Bathroom. Our friendly staff will help you create your dream kitchen. Call us today.