4 Ways To Make A Statement With High Gloss Kitchens

4 ways to make a statement with high gloss kitchensIf you want your kitchen to really pop when you walk into it, then a high gloss kitchen might be the style you’re looking for. High gloss kitchens use minimalist properties and a wrap-around theme to transport you to a different world. Here are four ways to make a statement with high gloss kitchens.

Keep it simple

The best way to create high gloss kitchens is to keep the design minimal. For example, cabinets should avoid hardware. Find drawers that have grooves in them so that you can open them and skip any handles. This helps to make the cabinets appear seamless. Cabinet doors should also be as flat as possible with out any panelling.

Keep small appliances and knickknacks should be kept off the countertops. If you do want to have any accents on display, be sure that they are shiny in style. The more elements that adhere to your design, the more your design will pop.

Get creative

Kitchen cabinets are not the only surface that can be the focal point in high gloss kitchens. Look to your countertops and think about what material they can be made of. There are many natural stones and man-made composites that have a shine to them.

Walls can also be high gloss. When purchasing paint, be sure to get your favorite color in a high gloss shade to add a bit of dimensions to your walls.

Lighting is also important as it will naturally be reflected in all the high gloss surfaces. Position multiple accent lights around the room so that there are no shadows. You can even add in a bit of crystal to your lamps for a sparkly feel. The more surfaces that there are for light to reflect, the bigger wow factor that your kitchen will have.

Go bold with color

When you think high gloss kitchens, the first color you might think is white. And while most high gloss kitchens have a fair amount of white, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the only color you can use. Bright, ruby red, deep emerald green, and dazzling stainless steel are all available to choose from.

With these colors, however, you should be selective as to how they are used. Some kitchen designs will have glossy red island walls. Some will have a shiny accent wall.

Keep cleaning

Arguably, the biggest challenge with high gloss kitchens is that dirt and fingerprints show a lot more easily on them. Not many people like cleaning, so if you are serious about creating an amazing, high gloss kitchen, be aware that there will be a fair amount of cleaning involved.

The best thing is to get into a routine. A quick wipe down each day won’t take long, and if it becomes habit, you won’t notice it much. Be sure to find a cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks.



4 Design Elements Of A Rustic Kitchen

4 design elements of a rustic kitchen

There are many ways to decorate your kitchen, and one of those is with a rustic theme. While rustic can sometimes be a polite way of saying old or rundown, having a rustic kitchen in this day and age means a bit of country life with all the modern fixings. Here are four design elements of a rustic kitchen.

1. Natural Elements

One of the biggest design elements of a rustic kitchen is to bring the outdoors in. Start with big items like wooden beams across the ceiling or even natural stone work on the walls. These pieces can quickly take over the room, so be sure to pick one major design element. Too many and your kitchen can feel too chaotic.

2. Open shelves

It can take a fair bit of organization to achieve an open shelf look. While it’s tempting to have cupboard doors to mask the clutter, open shelves add to the rustic charm. It’s important to first organize everything that will be on display. Otherwise, your kitchen will quickly take on a cluttered feel to it.

Find china that looks nice to be displayed. If you’re not sure about a specific pattern that will match your rustic theme, you can’t go wrong with classic white. Find pieces of pottery or a china set that you want to display and be sure to include these on your shelves.

Open shelves can also hold dry ingredients and spices. Be sure to put them in matching jars for a unified theme. Mason jars are a great way of adding rustic kitchen design elements and can be found inexpensively at most thrift stores.

3. Built-in furniture

Having a bench on to it on at the dinner table is quintessential rustic charm. While you can be a bit more modern and have the bench freestanding, you can also have one built in for the kitchen area. Choose a long bench down one side of the table. If your table is in a corner, you can opt for bench seating against the two corner walls. Then, place a round table and have chairs on the other side. No matter the configuration, a bench will help the kitchen feel warm and comfortable, which are important elements of a rustic kitchen.

4. Add a Fireplace

Ok, adding a fireplace to a kitchen is obviously not going to happen for most kitchens, but it is such a lovely idea to have. A fireplace is above the stove is a true showstopper of a feature and having the ability to create homemade pizzas will wow over any crowd. If you’re like the average person who can’t quite swing this, see if you can have a fireplace in the living room next to the kitchen. Most design themes work best if they can be used throughout the home. If you have an open-layout home, be sure to carry your kitchen theme into your living room theme.


5 Important Steps To Take Before A Kitchen Renovation

5 important steps to take before a kitchen renovation

Any home renovation is an exciting endeavor and it can be tempting to dive right in. You’ve found the perfect tile and paint, what more could be needed? But before you start swinging a sledgehammer, here are five important steps to take before a kitchen renovation.

1. Budget

Nobody likes talking about money because there never seems to be enough for the dream project. So start by being realistic. Whatever your top budget to spend on a kitchen renovation is, set your goal for 80% of that. There will always be unforeseen costs associated with a kitchen renovation so it’s important to set aside money. It’s never fun to live with a half-finished kitchen.

2. Theme

Think about your overall theme of your new kitchen. It can be tempting to go out and purchase pieces of your new kitchen as you find them, but this can lead to a disjointed room. Think about what style you want: modern, rustic, country. What color palette: neutral, bold, soft. Make sure that your design theme will be something you will want to have for years to come. Nobody wants to start a new kitchen renovation right after the previous one is finished.

3. What Can Be Saved

It might be nice to start fresh but keeping some existing features will save you money that you can allocate to more important items. If your fridge works just fine and will fit with the new theme, then keep it. If you’re not sure about saving existing items, try deep-cleaning them. Chances are you’ll have a greater appreciation for an oven that looks sparkling.

4. Do It Yourself

Hiring a kitchen renovation company is a great idea. They are the experts and you can depend on their quality and craftsmanship. It’s also nice to put a bit of elbow grease into a project. Go through your kitchen and make a list of what you can do yourself. Maybe you’re an expert tiler. Leave the countertops to the professionals and work on the floor yourself. Just make sure you’re realistic about your abilities. Even if you think you can complete part of a kitchen renovation yourself, the results might not be what you hope for.

5. Timeline

Just like your budget, take your timeline projection and add to it. Nothing is ever completed on time. There can be hidden problems, permit delays, and maybe you just change your mind mid-way. Whatever comes up, it’s important to be realistic about your expectations. The more prepared you are for delays, the smoother everything will be.


3 Easy Ways To Create A Modern Look For Your Kitchen

3 easy waus to create a modern look for your kitchenOverhauling your kitchen is a sure way to create a new image of your home. To create a modern look for your kitchen, here are three easy ideas. But remember that you want to be comfortable in your own kitchen, so be sure that it represents who you are.

Keep it Minimal

A modern look for your kitchen must be kept minimal. Clutter was a thing of the past. This can be hard as kitchens are natural magnets for stuff, but it’s important to go through everything to decide if it’s worth keeping or not.

For small appliances, be sure to store them off the counter and in the cupboard. Unless you use a specific appliance everything day, put it away. Put toasters and coffee grinders in cupboards that are easily accessible. Other small appliances, like panini presses and blenders, can find in storage cupboards, or if need be, the garage. Also think if you really do use the device or if its use can be served in a different capacity. Chances are you don’t really need a toaster and a toaster oven.

Stainless Steel and White

To adhere to a modern scheme, opt for neutral colors like grey and white. Appliances should be stainless steel. Fixtures should be stainless steel or chrome. You can decide if you want shiny or matter finishes.

But take heart if these colors seem bland. A modern look for your kitchen can include color. If you want, pick a nice, bold accent color. Bright cherry red or deep mossy green will stand out on a wall. You can even add some wood if you want a warmer texture. Modern design has a lot of options, so be sure to find a way forward that suits your style.

Lighting Accents

Lighting is one of the best ways to get a modern look for your kitchen. Lighting can become dated rather and as a result, it can remind someone just when a kitchen was built. Boxed fluorescent lighting was popular in the 1980s and 1990s and if it remains in a kitchen, then the entire room can feel dated.

To finish off a modern kitchen light, opt for a unique pendant lamp. There are so many to choose from, either in store or online. These accent features will bring the eyes up from the ground or counter and towards the ceiling. As a result, the entire room has a modern feel to it.

In addition to a focal pendant light that hangs over the table or island, invest in other modern accent lights. Track lighting on the ceiling or pot lights under the cabinets should match the chrome or stainless steel décor. They should be smaller in size, but still have enough light to illuminate a work space. Instead of trying to light the entire kitchen, partition the lighting into zones. This will help create a more ambient mood.


4 Easy Ways To Create Storage In Your Condo Kitchen

4 easy ways to create storage in your condo kitchenCondo kitchens can feel small and as a result of the limited space, can quickly become disorganized. Here are four easy ways to create storage in your condo kitchen.

Under the Sink

The area under the sink is often forgotten when trying to create storage for your condo kitchen. It can be dirty and smelly. First, take everything out and give it a good clean. Then, invest in a garbage can that has a lid to eliminate smells.

Ideas for storage under the sink include a tension rod that can be hung across. Here you can store spray bottles which means other, heavier items can be stored on the ground below. You can also use the back of the cupboard door to store garbage bags or other cleaning supplies. Buy a few plastic baskets for the bottom to keep everything neat and tidy.

Above the Cabinets

Unless you have an ultra-modern kitchen, there will be a gap between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. Use this space to create storage in your condo kitchen. But don’t just throw seldom-used gadgets up top. Instead, invest in a few baskets to make the space look like it was meant for storage.

Wire, wooden, or plastic baskets can all be used, depending on both your style and budget. If you can’t see through the baskets, be sure to put a label on the front to make it easier to find items in the future.

Sort through seasonal items, small gadgets and accessories for entertaining. Basically, anything that is not used on a weekly basis can go above the cabinet.

Peg Board Storage

Peg boards are an extremely versatile form of storage. While they are traditionally found in the garage due to their utilitarian look, they can still be used to create storage in your condo kitchen. The first thing to do is measure the space you have on a wall and then have the peg board cut. Then, pick a color and paint. This will allow the peg board to blend in with the décor rather than stand out.

Just about anything can be hung from a pegboard if you have hooks strong enough. Pots and pans can be hung. So can aprons and oven mitts. You can find special containers that clip to a peg board where you can store smaller items such as spatulas and cutlery. Keep the items that you most often use in the middle. Reserve the bottom and top of the peg board for items that are used less often.

Combine the Island with the Table

Sometimes the best way to create storage in your condo kitchen is to repurpose an existing element. If you have either an island or a table, combine them into one. Make sure the island has shelves underneath for storage. Invest in a few bar stools to reach the height. Now you have a dual-purpose element that saves space for other items.