What is a Rustic Kitchen?

What is a Rustic Kitchen?

When you hear the word “rustic,” its definition seems to change depending on who you speak to on the design.  Everyone has a version of rustic, so what are your options on this. What is the overall definition of a rustic kitchen?

The Definition of Rustic

Merriam-Webster tells us that the definition of rustic is “relating to, or suitable for the country.” Rustic kitchen designs typically are accentuated by one of the two areas:

  • They are made of (or taking advantage of) the design of tree limbs.
  • They have a strong emphasis on simplicity and wood.
  • They lack in modernism. 

Rustic country kitchens emphasize warmth. They typically don’t take books from modern kitchen designs. Instead, they make you think of something your grandpa or grandma would appreciate. 

How Do You Make Rustic Kitchen Styles?

Below are a couple of tips you can use when focusing on a rustic design:

Use Untreated or Reclaimed Wood

A rustic kitchen, particularly an island, has an unpolished or raw appearance. Natural wood colors can enhance your space by focusing on the wild. 

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher blocks are natural places for you to cut large slabs of meat in your home. These large spaces have naturally rustic styles with a great deal of potential; islands are a great way to bring these kitchens together.

Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams 

Wooden beams along the top of your kitchen are another natural way to focus on rustic designs. Exposed beams are ugly in other environments, but a rural focus changes that perspective entirely. 

Hand-Me-Down Furniture 

If you have any family heirlooms sitting in storage, a rustic kitchen is a good reason to pull them out. Furniture from the past has the potential of a new life in your kitchen. Try and think to see if you can use anything out of your storage.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is a glaring design that doesn’t work with many types of kitchens. When going for a rustic vibe, the situation changes a bit. Stainless steel also will last quite a while, which is essential to maintain a long-term design. 

Suitable Materials for Your Rustic Kitchen

When looking for materials for a rustic kitchen, you should consider the following:

Different Types of Wood

Reclaimed lumber is a great way to create a rustic experience. If you can be picky, stick with woods like cedar, pine, or hickory. The natural wood textures can create a farmhouse element to your home. 

Different Types of Stone

Granite, Marble, and similar shiny materials are excellent inspiration for your countertops. These pieces can provide a superior finish for your home, enhancing and complementing other areas. 

Different Types of Metal

We’ve mentioned stainless steel, but iron and other industrial looks can work to complement your home. Please think of how they look when applied to barstools and sink fittings. Whether you have that wrought-iron appearance or shiny appearance, there are many ways to make parts of your designer kitchen stick out. 

Final Thoughts 

Rural space in your home provides an excellent area with plenty of opportunities for enhancement. Rustic kitchens are a warm space that provides a welcome family environment. When designing a custom kitchen, be sure you are talking with someone who can help you find your vision.


What Do Homeowners Often Overlook When Doing a Bathroom Renovation?

What Do Homeowners Often Overlook When Doing a Bathroom Renovation?

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting project that allows you to customize one of your more intimate locations. Outside of your kitchen, a bathroom renovation requires many detailed modifications that come with modifying a small space. Many homeowners can easily forget the details when it comes to renovations.

In the remainder of this article, we will get into the most common things homeowners overlook during a renovation project.

Five Common Things Homeowners Forget About During A Bathroom Renovation

Time & Money

People often say that time is money, but saying money & money for section number one would be confusing. Instead, we reference two of the most common errors for those inexperienced at renovations projects: Underestimating your project’s time and money requirements.

Many people will have a loose budget in mind, which is a great start. But many of those same people do detail that budget. As a result, homeowners have no planned response when a significant error occurs, requiring them to break into other savings.

Inexperienced renovators also assume that a kitchen remodel will take no more than a couple of days. But for those who are renovating an entire bathroom, they may find that some aspects take more time because they’ve never done it before. The same can be said when they hire contractors, as they have no reference for what high-quality work should take.

Always overestimate the amount of time and money you will need.

Style Over Function

Many people get a vision of what their bathroom needs to look like with no willingness to compromise. When their contractor states that it will be impossible, they shop around until they find a contractor willing to lie to them about their toilet’s physical capabilities.

While you shouldn’t settle for second best, pay attention when you know you have a high-rated contractor who tells you about these things. You may find another elegant solution to your problem.

Short-Term Trends

If you have ever worn parachute pants, you know that they probably will only see the light of day every 20 years for three months. When designing your bathroom, try to avoid the more extreme looks and focus on timeless looks.

Compare your bathroom project with others to see what styles are more permanent. You may find yourself coming up with better ideas as a result. Always choose timeless designs.

Don’t Forget The Cabinets!

When renovating a bathroom, it is effortless to forget anything you have to lean down to see. When the final project comes together, you may realize that your old-fashioned cabinets don’t go well with your modern countertops.

Don’t forget your cabinets, as that may result in a clashing fashion statement.


When it comes to major projects, like bathroom renovations, it can be incredibly easy to overlook aspects of that construction. Two of the most common areas for newbies: time and budget. By hiring the right contractor who knows their stuff, they will be honest with you regarding time constraints, budgetary concerns, and style constraints.


Four Great Ideas For Increasing Space In Your Bathroom

Four Great Ideas For Increasing Space In Your Bathroom

As someone who has moved from a cramped bathroom to more cramped bathrooms, I can tell you how uncomfortable it is to try and fit yourself into that bathroom. Add a kid to the mixed, and you’ve got a toy bucket somewhere that isn’t helping with your space problems.

To address this problem, we’ve composed a list of four different ideas that you can use to increase space in your bathroom. Many of these are things you can do today with little or no investment.

Four Ways You Can Increase Bathroom Space

Over The Toilet Shelving

If you are like me, the area over your toilet probably already functions as a shelf. However, the space above the toilet is a barren wasteland of white or beige. To address this, consider investing in shelving that goes above the toilet.

Shelving there allows you to place items that you don’t typically need regular access to for use. If you happen to have a sink between your toilet and bathtub, you can store many less-used sink items.

A Door-Hanging Organizer

Your doof probably has a lot in common with that area over your shelf. If you happen to carry many hygiene objects, a dinky shelf above the toilet won’t be enough to hold your needs. Instead, what you need is an organizer that you can hang from your door.

With this organizer, you will be able to place them in a standard location that is easy to access. Place the items that you are more likely to use at chest-level so they will be easy to access. Hygiene items you are less likely to use should be along the bottom.

Hooks and Little Pots

The key to using bathroom space, in this case, comes from your walls and doors. You can take advantage of the underutilized space here with many means. One of the more common among those uses come from the installation of hooks. 

With apartment living, we used 3M hooks on any surface we could. It allowed us an ample amount of temporary storage without violating the lease’s disallowance for wall modifications. For homeowners, permanent hooks on the walls provide you a way to customize the bathroom to be uniquely yours.

Use a potted plant with a piece of twine through it to store your makeup brushes or toothbrushes. Use two hooks and a small box to store regularly used items like deodorant, shaving cream, and other everyday things you may find.

It Might Be Time For a Renovation

When all else fails, you can save space in your bathroom through renovations. Below are a couple of space-saving ideas associated with renovations:

  • Replace your large bathtubs with smaller showers to provide you with additional space for other necessary items.
  • Recessed lighting will provide you a less cramped feeling if you have dome lights coming out of the ceiling.
  • Having a recessed shelf in your shower wall allows you additional storage of shampoo and soap.
  • If you have a swinging shower door, replacing it with a sliding glass door or shower curtain.


There are many small things that you can do in your bathroom to save space. We encourage you to explore all of them. If you still think you need more room after that, it might be time for a bathroom renovation.


Elements of an Earthy Elegant Kitchen Remodel


Do you adore the natural organic look of wood and earthy elegance? Then for your next kitchen remodel, incorporate these luxurious elegant earthy elements. Today’s modern kitchen design combines both smart technology and traditional organic features. Embrace the comfort, warmth, and peace of nature with kitchen space.

Natural Wood Design

To achieve the natural feel of organic artistry, embrace natural wood design. Incorporate natural wood and materials throughout your modern kitchen:

  • Oak veneer cabinets with glass doors to highlight colorful artisan dishware
  • Freestanding wooden Japanese tansu for attractive hidden storage
  • Ergonomic wood table and seating
  • Handcrafted doors and furniture throughout
  • Unique accents, artisan wood vases, and art depicting abstract nature designs

By incorporated the warm tones of natural dark and light woods you create a feeling of overall warmth and beauty. Enjoy a true oasis every time you walk into your kitchen. Eliminate clutter with an attractive custom Japanese tansu or even a custom kitchen island with hidden drawers.

Beautiful Tile Accents

Terracotta tiles provide a gorgeous accent to your earthy kitchen design. Self-edged terracotta countertops provide a gorgeous and durable surface. Incorporate original artistic designs in your backsplash with attractive tile in complimentary subtle olive tones. Tile provides a luxurious but affordable option for your countertops and backsplash. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Smart Technology

While your kitchen space may hearken back to centuries of natural beauty and simplicity, don’t forget the convenience of modern smart technology. Add smart appliances and custom lighting for added comfort and safety. Unique custom lighting fixtures add extra style and beauty while providing additional security. Smart kitchen appliances both save energy and add sustainability to your kitchen design.

Multipurpose Space

With many of us working from home or instructing our children remotely, incorporate an attractive workspace in your kitchen design provides a much-needed accessible space. Ask our Parada experts how we can incorporate an attractive workspace into your kitchen design.

Gorgeous Finishing Touches

When you want a truly earth-inspired kitchen space be sure to incorporate a wide range of final additions like a traditional rug with patterned design in earth tones or exposed beams. Explored handcrafted doors with a Japanese touch. Add custom cabinetry. Explore how you can increase natural light with large picture windows. Finally, add live foliage throughout your living space for a final natural touch.

Contact the kitchen remodel experts at Parada to design your beautiful kitchen. Our seasoned design team will be happy to help you discover your unique style. Let’s build your dream kitchen together! Call Parada today.




All You Need to Know About Kitchen Counters


Finding the perfect kitchen counter means finding a counter that both meets your needs and fits your personal style. You need a counter which makes cooking and food prep simple. Do you need to match your metal kitchen cabinets or want a countertop that doubles as a breakfast nook? What do you need to know first before making any of these decisions? Let’s find out.

Types of Counters

Unbelievably, you can choose from a wide variety of counter options. Anything from high-tech plastic to wood to butcher block to a solid surface. With so many options, how can you decide which counter materials work best for your home? And if you want to match your wood or metal kitchen cabinets to the counter, what should you look at? These are the most common materials for countertops today:

  • Natural Stone – A beautiful and pricey option that holds up to heat well
  • Manufactured Plastics – Affordable and attractive, with easy customization
  • Solid Surface – A popular affordable and easy-to-clean option
  • Recycled Materials – Offers a trendy sustainable style
  • Wood – Excellent durable options with an attractive organic look
  • Butcher Block – Great for easy food prep but requires additional cleaning
  • Poured Concrete – An attractive industrial option
  • Steel ­– Ideal for commercial kitchens, steel has found popularity in homes
  • Tile – An attractive and customized style for the artistic homeowner

Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right surface for your countertop depends on several key factors like will you chop directly on your countertop, do you want a material easy to clean, or do you have kids that are likely to damage the surface.

Tile countertops, for example, offer easy customizing and affordability. You have a nearly limitless number of exciting attractive options. However, the grout can be difficult to clean. Be sure to find a heat-resistant material. Compare tile to laminate surfaces which have hundreds of colors to choose from but have less durability. Marble remains a luxurious favorite. If natural stone is beyond your budget, ask out seasoned designers about other manufactured options that look like classic stone but have an affordable price tag.

Combining Materials

Fortunately, you can combine counter materials. For example, your kitchen island can have a butcher block countertop while you opt for natural stone or solid surface for the perimeter counters. Mixing and matching materials provide a budget-friendly way to meet your needs while also having an elegant kitchen space.

Contact the Kitchen Experts at Parada

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