4 Storage Features to Include in Your Kitchen Renovation

Toronto Kitchen designStorage features are not exactly the most exciting aspect of planning kitchen renovations, but they do represent one of the most important. All of your pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and other cooking equipment needs a place to live. And if these storage areas are planned poorly, then that’s all they will be; empty spaces in the design where you’ve been left room to “put things.” But if done well, the storage spaces in your kitchen can squeeze every last square inch out of the room, ensure you have what you need when you need it at all times and interconnect the overall design so that it appears seamless and complete. You’re probably wondering what kinds of features are going to help you achieve that effect, which is why we’re going to point out a few of the best.

Effective Storage is Vital to Successful Kitchen Renovations

When talking about storage in a kitchen too many people just focus on the amount of space they should allocate to fulfil this requirement, when really there is another very important factor to consider. Storage spaces need to be big enough for your items but they must also be accessible. Otherwise you’ll be doing battle (and getting irritated) every time you cook. Implement these features to ensure cooking in your new kitchen is a pleasure rather than a nightmare.

  • Pull Out Drawers – Why are pull-out drawers now often preferred to cabinets with standard hinged doors? Well, not only are they effortless to open and close, but they are also better in terms of ergonomics and offer easier access to your cooking utensils and supplies. Unlike with traditional custom cabinets, you can easily reach everything in the drawer rather than having to stretch (possibly on tiptoes) to reach the items at the back of a cabinet.
  • Floating Shelving – Kitchen cabinets aren’t always the most effective storage solution. Sure, you’re going to need some, but in other areas of your kitchen open shelves are a better fit. They offer quick access to things like cookbooks and spices, and they also break up the design a bit to ensure it doesn’t become too repetitive.
  • Drawers With Extended Runners – Standard runners only allow you to pull out the drawer three quarters of the way. Rather than using the standard runners, ensure they are all fitted with runners that fully extend. This is now a fairly basic feature that virtually any kitchen designer worth their salt will recommend you consider.
  • Internal Divider Systems – This is key to staying organized. Standard kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves are just empty spaces. Before you know it, you’re piling one item on top of another until the space is absolutely cramped. It then requires a great deal of effort to take anything out again (especially if the item you want is at the bottom of the stack). This problem can easily be avoided with custom cabinets and drawer systems containing internal dividers that allocate each item its own separate space.
  • Kitchen renovations aren’t for the fainthearted. Whether large or small, the end result is almost always better if you work with a qualified kitchen designer. Call Parada Kitchens of Toronto today and talk to our team about your requirements.

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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wood for Your New Custom Cabinets

kitchens custom TorontoWhen purchasing new cabinets obviously one of the most important decisions that you have to make is what material they will be made from. If you have decided to invest in custom cabinets there is now a diverse range of materials available, but one of the more traditional materials is often still preferred – wood. Whether the cabinets are constructed from solid natural hardwoods (which we would highly recommend) or they utilise wood veneers, there are still many different options within this subcategory, which can vary significantly in terms of appearance. Having been involved in the kitchen remodeling industry for many years, we’ve helped to design and install kitchen cabinets made from a wide variety of natural hardwoods and during this post we’re going to reveal a few of our favourites.

The Best Varieties of Wood for Custom Cabinets

Natural hardwoods are both beautiful and elegant and they are materials that provide a skilled cabinet maker with almost unlimited design possibilities. The other thing about natural woods is that no two pieces of wood are the same, ensuring your custom cabinets are as unique as your own tastes and preferences are. Here are a few of our favourites:

    • Cherry – The shade of cherry can vary significantly from a light tan blonde to a rich brown colour. One of the other things that we like about cherry is that as it ages, its colour deepens and adds more character to your custom cabinets. Whilst a very traditional material, cherry complements more modern materials such as glass and aluminum perfectly well.
    • Maple – If you want character, maple is a great choice and can be styled and finished in a variety of ways. Its grain pattern is relatively smooth and is more uniform than with other types of wood. Due to its clean appearance, maple is often chosen by homeowners implementing a contemporary design in their kitchen.
    • Hickory – Uniform appearance not your thing? Then hickory may be the answer. In addition to being available in a variety of different colours, the grain patterns are often highly irregular and it’s common for the wood to feature pinholes, knots, burls and colour streaks.
    • Red & White Oak – Kitchen cabinets have to be made from a material that is strong and reliable due to the frequency with which they are used. That’s what makes oak such a great contender as one of the stronger woods available. There is a massive variation in terms of colour with oak and you can get anything from rustic looking oak that possesses an intense colour to an oak that is very nearly white.
    • Pine – We love working with pine since it is incredibly easy to shape and manipulate and also takes to stain very, very well. The white and yellow varieties of pine are often selected by homeowners for their ability to create a really rustic vibe in the kitchen.

It can be hard to make a choice and stick with it when buying custom cabinets, which is why we’re here. You can call our Toronto office anytime you need for help and advice relating to kitchen renovations or bathroom remodeling projects.

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Why Working With an Experienced Kitchen Designer is About More than Convenience

Kitchen renovationPlanning and making sure all of the small design details are taken care of. Those tasks are precisely why you hire a kitchen designer when investing in kitchen remodeling, right? Well, a kitchen designer isn’t just a good investment because they save you time and save you from doing all of the “boring stuff” yourself, there are many other benefits to working with one of these professionals that homeowners often don’t consider before hiring them. We’re going to talk about a few of the ways in which they add value in this article.

Working With a Kitchen Designer: Adding Value in Countless Ways

There’s no disputing the fact that on the face of it hiring a kitchen designer is an added cost, but the skills, knowledge and experience that they bring can often reduce your spend in other areas and add value to the project which would otherwise not have been achieved. Specifically, here are some more reasons why working with a kitchen designer is a smart move.

  • Knowledge of Materials – You might not have much of a clue about how certain types of wood react to certain environments or how stain resistant a particular countertop surface is, but any good kitchen designer will. They will be able to make educated suggestions about the materials you should used based on your specific circumstances. This ensures better aesthetics, better performance and, most importantly, increased durability.
  • Optimised Layouts – There’s more to kitchen renovations than installing some kitchen cabinets in the room in any other order and banging on some countertops; it you want the design to really “work” it’s imperative that you get the layout of the room right too. A kitchen designer will keep tweaking the layout until you’re happy that it is a good fit for you. We’re not all the same, so don’t rely on a generic floor plan being sufficient.
  • Knowledge of Building Regulations – Some people that don’t hire a kitchen designer make the mistake of installing features during kitchen renovations that don’t meet local building codes or forget to arrange the required inspections. This is a mistake that often comes back to bite them financially when they have to remove said features and have them reinstalled at their own cost. You’re not an expert, so why don’t you entrust the job to someone who is?!
  • What You Want, Within Your Budget – The average homeowner overspends almost every time when having a kitchen renovation. Why? Because they don’t know how to get the best bang for their buck. A skilled kitchen designer will help you to cut costs without cutting any corners, ensuring you get the kitchen of your dreams without having to take out a second mortgage.

Looking for a reputable kitchen designer in Toronto to help you with a project? Then look no further than Parada Kitchens today. Give us a call for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.

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The Hottest Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2014

Kitchen Renovation TorontoIf you’re seriously thinking about committing to a kitchen remodeling project this year, then you probably want to know what’s hot and what’s not in terms of kitchen design trends in 2014. As one of the most important parts of any kitchen design, we’re going to focus on design trends that are specifically related to kitchen cabinets in this post. Having a major influence over both the practical and aesthetic elements of a kitchen’s design, if you get the kitchen cabinets right, you’re halfway there!

Get Inspired By These Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

Not every trend is based on an idea that will appeal to you, but they are a great place to start if you’re struggling for inspiration. Here’s a few that we’ve noticed in 2014:

  • Grey Becoming Ever More Popular – While white continues to be the most popular choice in terms of colour for kitchen cabinets, grey has certainly gained some momentum this year. Grey coloured cabinets also work extremely well when combined with other colours, such as the rich colours of natural hardwoods, which is very beneficial if you don’t like the idea of your kitchen having a completely uniform appearance.
  • Custom Crafted Storage Solutions – No matter how big your kitchen is, storage is always an issue that must be addressed. It’s not just about being able to fit everything into the kitchen, items also need to be carefully organised and easy to reach. More and more homeowners are opting to buy custom cabinets over stock cabinets as the interiors of these cabinets can be customised to store whatever items the homeowner possesses. 2014 has also seen a rise to prominence of neat two-tiered drawer systems that allow you to store more in less space.
  • Built in Cabinets – We’re not saying that all of your kitchen cabinets should be built-in, but it’s become increasingly popular to incorporate built-in cabinets that accent the kitchen’s design and provide a guide for the rest of the cabinetry in the room. In particular, you might have floor to ceiling built-in cabinets at the ends of a run of cabinets.
  • Mixing and Matching – We’ve already touched on this point, but it’s not always necessary for every cabinet in your kitchen to be made from exactly the same material, in exactly the same style in exactly the same colour. If one or two of your cabinets are different, not only does it break up the design and prevent it from being cast as boring, but these cabinets can act as centrepieces. Contrasting a light colour such as white against a deeper coloured natural hardwood is relatively common.

If you’re still struggling for design ideas when it comes to kitchen cabinets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Toronto based team. The concepts we’ve touched upon here are just the tip of the iceberg, and if you make us aware of your requirements and preferences, we’re confident we can come up with some cabinet designs that will tick all of your boxes.

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Top Features to Add to Your New Kitchen Cabinets to Boost Performance

Kitchen renovationThe old days of a kitchen cabinet resembling little more than a wooden box mounted on a counter are long gone. In the current era, modern kitchen cabinets come with all kinds of standard and custom bells and whistles that make your kitchen more functional. However, it can be tough to keep up with all of the new features available.

When remodeling your kitchen it’s important to balance ease-of-use with the need for cabinets that complement the existing aesthetic. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with all of the info you need to select the best kitchen cabinets available.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Features Favoured by Kitchen Designers

  • Automatic Closing Mechanism and Soft-Close Hinges—There are few things more annoying (or unsightly) than walking into an otherwise well-organized kitchen and seeing cabinet doors left open. Automatic-closing doors prevent that from happening and are especially useful if you have children living in the house! On the other hand, soft-close hinges make your cabinets easier to close and minimize wear-and-tear on the structure. The downside is that they take up some space, but it’s a small price to pay in our view.
  • Horizontal Cabinets—This feature is now popular with customers and designers; the cabinets have a single door which is pulled up rather than out. This means that you don’t have to duck out of the way when opening a kitchen cabinet door.
  • Drawer Slides—These are easy to install and will do wonders for the ease of use and durability of you cabinetry. Drawer slides allow you to close the door with just a slight, efficient nudge; gone are the days of struggling with a drawer to get it to close! Drawers in general have advantages over traditional cabinets when placed at low elevations.
  • Open Shelves—Open shelves are popular with many customers because of the convenience of simply reaching in and pulling out the needed item. They can also be used to showcase decorative items. The only downside is that items can collect dust and oil; don’t place open shelves close to the cook top and make sure to dust at regular intervals.
  • Shallow is a Positive Feature—The first objective of kitchen cabinets is to be functional; you should be able to reach in and get what you need with a minimal amount of time and effort.
    Kitchen designers and customers are coming around to the idea that shallow cabinets are much better than deep ones because items don’t get lost or forgotten about. A great way to install shallow cabinets in to put in floor-to-ceiling pantries. These have the same amount of storage space as traditional cabinets but are easier to use.If you’re in need of kitchen remodeling or new kitchen cabinets, check us out at Paradakitchens.ca or call 416-762-3500 today. We’ve built a reputation around the Toronto area for doing excellent work and we’re certain we can find a solution that meets your exact requirements!

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