4 Shades Of Blue You Will Love For Your Bathroom

4 shades of blue you will love for your bathroomHave a bathroom that is in need of a facelift? Want to try a new theme, but not sure where to start? Pain color can be the hardest part of a bathroom reno, but we’re here to help narrow down the search. Blue is a versatile color and can be used in so many different ways. These shades of blue will help transport your bathroom into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.


Grey has steadily replaced the brown-tinged shades of pain from our parent’s décor and as a result, rooms are becoming a bit brighter. If you’re not too sure about grey, try a blue-grey paint color. This combination adds a bit more warmth to the room and really makes white accents pop. You can also include grey or silver accents to complete the look.

Midnight Blue

Have you ever looked at the night sky, just before the stars come out and think what a perfect color that is? It can be hard to choose such a dark paint color. After all, it will normally take a couple of extra coats to perfect and if you want to change the color in the future, a whole lot of primer will be needed. But the risk is worth it.

A midnight blue is still enough shades from black that you get that dreamy nighttime feel to it. Gold accents play really nicely with this color as they become reminiscent of a night sky. A bathroom is the perfect opportunity for such a bold color and a great testing ground to see how well you do with dark paint.

Robin’s Egg Blue

When looking for paint inspiration, what better place to look than in nature. The bright blue of a robin’s egg is one of those amazing signs of spring and is a perfect inspiration for shades of blue for your bathroom. This bright blue will really pop and make your bathroom feel like a fun place to hang out. If you’re not too sure about using it in a more serious adult suite, try it out in a child’s bathroom. The fun blue can add a bit of whimsy to the décor.

Pair the robin’s egg blue in a bathroom with pictures of pirate boats or even mythical sea creatures. Bath time will start to feel like a scene straight out of Mary Poppins.

Mediterranean Blue

If you’re looking for a nautical theme in your bathroom, look to the deep, crisp blues of the Mediterranean. Whether it’s a more subtle shade paired with sea stars and anchors, or a deeper blue paired with Grecian influences, transport your bathroom to a vacation-worthy scene. Beach houses and guest rooms can really work well with these shades of blue and will create a relaxing atmosphere you long to have.


3 Signs Your Kitchen Is In Need Of A Renovation

3 signs your kitchen is in need of a renovationThe kitchen should be the heart of the home. It is a place that creates food for family dinners. It is a place to gather, to chat, to laugh. As such, the kitchen should be a welcoming, inspiring place. If you feel like you might be time to reno your kitchen, but aren’t quite, sure, here’s an easy checklist of signs that your kitchen is in need of a renovation. 


When you walk into your kitchen, what do you feel? Are you ready to crack open your cookbooks and try a new recipe? Or will be it be soup and toast for dinner again? You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to feel inspired by your kitchen. But the room should make you want to prepare the next family meal. Your kitchen should be an extension of yourself and it’s tired and worn, then chances are you could be feeling the same way about yourself. If your kitchen is uninspiring, it may be time for a renovation.

Poor layout

Is it possible for two people to cook in your kitchen and not get in each other’s way? Or, are you constantly running into open drawers and having to bend around cabinet doors? Does your fridge open smoothly, or is there a too-close cabinet on one side? A poor layout greatly disrupts the flow of the kitchen. If the only storage space is at the top of the cabinets and you’re always having to use a ladder to access anything, then your kitchen really isn’t working for you.

It can feel defeating to work with a poor kitchen layout. And even harder to imagine how to change it. A design expert is a valuable tool in this instance. It’s ok to ask for help. Those with design experience can help to reshape your kitchen and offer alternatives that don’t always require the demolition of a wall.

Family dynamics

A kitchen’s purpose changes with the dynamics of a family. With children, it’s beneficial to have a Tupperware drawer, or two, for easy access. For teenagers, a large, well-stocked pantry is in order. And for empty-nesters, more storage space for dinner parties, or maybe alternately, converted space to a desk or book area.

While it’s not practical to complete a full kitchen reno every time your family dynamics change, if your kitchen no longer works for your present circumstances, it’s a good time to think about a renovation. We often let parts of the home get a bit shabbier when there are small kids running around, dropping toys, or making messes. But once you’re out of the toddler stage, it’s a good time to look at your kitchen and create a new mixture of design and function.



4 Innovative Designs For Your Kitchen Cabinets

4 innovative designs for your kitchen cabinetsThere is so much you can do with kitchen cabinets. These functional spaces should also look good and with a bit of imagination, you can make your kitchen cabinets be a true amalgamation of form and function.

Open shelving

You’ve spent a while collecting beautiful plates. You’ve inherited a funky glassware set from your Grandma. Why hide these items behind a piece of wood? Open shelving showcases your prized possessions and gives them new life. While open shelving can be a bit overwhelming for the entire kitchen, even having a few strategically placed shelves can really add depth to the room.

Let’s be honest. Not all of your dishware is meant to be on display. Stained coffee cups and chipped bowls are a normal part of the kitchen. It’s ok to keep these behind closed doors. But open shelving is perfect when you have a few pieces you’re really proud of. It also solves the dilemma of not having a china cabinet. Most houses don’t have the room for a stand alone piece of furniture. By bringing this element into your kitchen, you can keep your most important dishware and glassware on display.

Glass cabinets

If you want to display your kitchen possessions but aren’t sure about open shelving, glass cabinets are a happy medium. They still allow you to see what’s in the cabinet but add a bit of a buffer. If you have any figurines you want to show off, or even just a nice set of wine glasses, a glass cabinet or two add an extra dimension to the kitchen. Whenever you can incorporate different textures to a room you instantly add depth and personality.

Copper cabinets

Looking to really wow the next guests that walk through your kitchen? Why not install copper-faced cabinets. Ditch the traditional wood and instead use copper. This unique color adds some great depth to the cabinets and definitely brings a wow factor. Copper has long been used as a kitchen accent, including with pots and pans, so it’s natural to extend its use to cabinets.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the design choices, note that most copper cabinets are actually inlays. They rectangle section of copper is usually encased in a border of wood, which makes the metal blend in a bit better with the rest of the décor.

Extra rows

Need storage space but not sure where to find it? How about the kitchen? Traditional kitchens used to leave a gap between the top of cabinets and the ceiling. This space was then either taken up with knick-knacks or dust. Modern kitchens will usually have the top cabinet reach all the way to the ceiling. Ultra modern kitchens will not include a row of small cabinets that reach the ceiling.

These small, often square cabinets are the perfect antidote to cabinet doors that have become too long. They close off the top space and make it the perfect area for storage.



3 Ideas To Brighten Up A Condo Kitchen

3 ideas to brightn up a condo kitchenCondos are the perfect solution when you’re on a budget and don’t need a lot of space. You can still have all the amenities needed for a loving home, without the hassle of yard work and maintenance. The tricky part of a condo is ensuring that there is enough light and space to make it both functional and lively. The kitchen can be an especially hard place to make bright enough that you want to spend a lot of time in it. Here, then, are three ideas to brighten up a condo kitchen.

Lights, camera, action

Need to brighten up a condo kitchen? The easiest way is to invest in proper lighting. Be sure to vary your types of lighting. Track lighting is great for the overall space of the kitchen. Also look for area-specific lighting. Equally as important as the lighting itself are lightbulbs. Purchase lightbulbs that are at least 60 Watts in strength. Try to avoid blue light or stark white colors as this can make the room look to clinical. Warm white lights are nice but can make the area too cozy. Instead, opt for a bright white light. You may have to try a few lightbulbs to find the ones that work best for your condo kitchen.

Go tropical

Sometimes you need proof that your condo kitchen is bright enough. And what better proof than plants? Plants need light to survive. So, if your plants are thriving, then you must have enough light in your kitchen. You can try your hand at a herb garden, but many herbs are actually quite fickle. If you don’t have a naturally green thumb, or don’t think you’ll have the time to invest in them, there are other plants that are perfect for a kitchen.

Common plants include aloe vera and English ivy. They are hearty and can withstand a lot. You can also try fragrant white jasmine or the good looking spider plant. Place the plants in small containers in the brightest spots of your kitchen. Check the watering instructions as they vary by plant.

The only thing you want to consider if you’re getting plants for your condo kitchen is that they could start to clutter an already small space. Avoid just placing them on the counter as chances are you don’t have much counter space to begin with. Instead, look to your walls. Can you place a shelf, or better yet, a plant-specific holder? When you go vertical you can leave a lot more room on your counter for other important gadgets.


The most obvious color to use to brighten up a condo kitchen is white. However, this can become a bit boring. You can definitely use color paint in a condo kitchen, but stick to light colors as dark colors can overwhelm the space. There are many shades of yellow, blue, and green that you can use that will make your condo kitchen shine.


5 Important Details About Hiring A Bathroom Reno Company

5 important details about hiring a bathroom reno companyDeciding on a bathroom reno is a big step. You want to make the most out of your money and your space, so hiring the best bathroom reno company is important. Before you start the process, here are some important details to be aware of. Remember, the better the communication with your reno company, the better your expectations will be.

The design process

Sometimes a bathroom reno company will have design experts on their staff. Sometimes they won’t. It’s important that you begin your bathroom reno with a design already in mind. Do your research and think about the big picture of the room along with the little designs. But even if your bathroom reno company are experts in design, they will have seen plenty of renovations. Don’t be afraid to pick their brains and ask what they’ve seen that works well, and more importantly, what really doesn’t work.


If you have a specific fixture in mind for your bathroom reno, you can supply it. In fact, before you agree on a plan with your bathroom reno company, be sure to go over the materials with them. Who will be supplying what? Keep in mind that whenever the company gets to the specific part of the reno, the materials will need to be there. If you’re in charge of on aspect of the material, and it’s not there, the company may have to move on to meet the schedule.


Scheduling a bathroom reno is important. You’ll want it done as soon as possible so as to minimize any disruptions to your life. But keep in mind that your bathroom reno company has other projects they will be working on. Again, communication is key. Talk about when they can start and how long the project will take. Talk about time allowances and what could possibly help speed up the project.


Obviously, the price needs to be discussed with hiring a bathroom reno company. But the payment structure should also be discussed. Most companies will allow for partial payment, or holdbacks. This means that payment is due only when certain parts of the project are completed. This protects the homeowner as it means if only demolition has happened, then you only have to pay for demolition. It also works for the reno company. If they aren’t paid along the way, then they won’t keep working.


Hiring a bathroom reno company is all about trust. You are entrusting not only your money but your home and as such should expect that the job is completely satisfactorily. Be sure to check out online reviews about a company prior to hiring them. You should also be able to see a catalog of completed projects to see the company’s craftsmanship.