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What is a Rustic Kitchen?

When you hear the word “rustic,” its definition seems to change depending on who you speak to on the design.  Everyone has a version of rustic, so what are your options on this. What is the overall definition of a rustic kitchen?

The Definition of Rustic

Merriam-Webster tells us that the definition of rustic is “relating to, or suitable for the country.” Rustic kitchen designs typically are accentuated by one of the two areas:

  • They are made of (or taking advantage of) the design of tree limbs.
  • They have a strong emphasis on simplicity and wood.
  • They lack in modernism. 

Rustic country kitchens emphasize warmth. They typically don’t take books from modern kitchen designs. Instead, they make you think of something your grandpa or grandma would appreciate. 

How Do You Make Rustic Kitchen Styles?

Below are a couple of tips you can use when focusing on a rustic design:

Use Untreated or Reclaimed Wood

A rustic kitchen, particularly an island, has an unpolished or raw appearance. Natural wood colors can enhance your space by focusing on the wild. 

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher blocks are natural places for you to cut large slabs of meat in your home. These large spaces have naturally rustic styles with a great deal of potential; islands are a great way to bring these kitchens together.

Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams 

Wooden beams along the top of your kitchen are another natural way to focus on rustic designs. Exposed beams are ugly in other environments, but a rural focus changes that perspective entirely. 

Hand-Me-Down Furniture 

If you have any family heirlooms sitting in storage, a rustic kitchen is a good reason to pull them out. Furniture from the past has the potential of a new life in your kitchen. Try and think to see if you can use anything out of your storage.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is a glaring design that doesn’t work with many types of kitchens. When going for a rustic vibe, the situation changes a bit. Stainless steel also will last quite a while, which is essential to maintain a long-term design. 

Suitable Materials for Your Rustic Kitchen

When looking for materials for a rustic kitchen, you should consider the following:

Different Types of Wood

Reclaimed lumber is a great way to create a rustic experience. If you can be picky, stick with woods like cedar, pine, or hickory. The natural wood textures can create a farmhouse element to your home. 

Different Types of Stone

Granite, Marble, and similar shiny materials are excellent inspiration for your countertops. These pieces can provide a superior finish for your home, enhancing and complementing other areas. 

Different Types of Metal

We’ve mentioned stainless steel, but iron and other industrial looks can work to complement your home. Please think of how they look when applied to barstools and sink fittings. Whether you have that wrought-iron appearance or shiny appearance, there are many ways to make parts of your designer kitchen stick out. 

Final Thoughts 

Rural space in your home provides an excellent area with plenty of opportunities for enhancement. Rustic kitchens are a warm space that provides a welcome family environment. When designing a custom kitchen, be sure you are talking with someone who can help you find your vision.

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