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What are the Top Trending Kitchen Colors for 2020?

While the classic clean white kitchen remains popular in 2020, this year interior designers have opted into subtle hues and bold accents. Both spacious and small kitchen design benefits from a little pop of color. For homeowners with families especially, the minimalist all-white kitchen may be too difficult to maintain. Choosing new exciting color combinations can bring life to a tired space. Let’s check out this year’s hottest color trends.

Natural Wood Tones

For a touch of elegant subtlety, try mixed wood tones in your kitchen. You can accomplish this look a number of ways, even in small kitchen design:

  • Beautiful wooden cabinets
  • Painted cabinets in subtle brown hues
  • Pops of dark and light wood shades
  • Allow wood-grain to shine
  • Bring in texture and depth with wood
  • Wood furniture and accessories
  • Add a splash of nature with beautiful indoor plants
  • Allow more natural light to brighten up the space

This beautiful organic look has a calming effect on a usually busy space. Additionally, wood grains hide messes easily. Ask out Parada design team about ways to bring more an elegant natural look to your kitchen.

Bold Black Accents

Maybe you want to add a bold statement to your drab neutral kitchen. Make a bold style statement with crisp deep black accents, cabinets, and counter. Timeless, black cabinets match any style and décor. Modernize your home with gorgeous drama.

Welcome to the Old World

Looking for a subtle change? Try colors with Old World charm. This classic style brings vibrant colors and distressed finishes. Create a welcoming and warm rustic family gathering space. Antique rugs, handcrafted wooden furniture, classic architecture, and gorgeous stonework all contribute to this unique look. Dark cabinetry paired with custom lighting and bright paint creates a unique look. Use colors inspired by the sun, wine, ocean, and nature. Arches and columns add extra design elements.

Sea Green Beauty

Want to embrace the peace and calm in your life? This year versatile sea green brings tranquility to your kitchen. Use the subtle tone on floors, ceiling, walls, and cabinetry. Pair with a flood of natural lighting and gorgeous plants. Use wicker and wood to accent. Keep the room clean and functional to achieve peace and calm in your home. For a variation, try combining blue and green in your home.

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