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kitchen-islandLike many homeowners, your main entrance and egress point in your house is your front door or, perhaps, a door leading from an attached garage to your main residence. But which two rooms in your home get even more foot traffic? The most obvious answers are the bathroom and the kitchen, and for good reasons. Your kitchen is a natural focal point for many activities from meals to family game nights, while the bathroom is the single place to relax a tired body in a hot tub or shower before or long after a gruelling day. As in both cases, everything needs to perfectly suit your tastes and needs, from the lighting to the cabinetry to flooring, faucets, and other accessories.
At Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms, our kitchen showroom in Toronto has numerous designs on display to demonstrate possibilities for your remodelling project, as well as a range of accessories to choose from to complete your new kitchen in style. We have been one of the premier home improvement specialists in the Greater Toronto Area, and our friendly staff is available to design and execute a new kitchen that complements your home’s decor while enhancing its functionality — all the while meeting your budget and timeline without unnecessary disruptions to everyday life.
Most kitchens receive more foot traffic than any other room in your house. Often centrally located, it provides easy access to several areas, such as a dining, living or family room, laundry room, and in some cases a door wall leading outdoors. There are numerous flooring options on display at our kitchen showroom, each with their own set of benefits that deserve careful consideration. It is important, however, to select an option that fits your needs, rather than merely choosing flooring most popular at any given time.

  • Though our kitchen showroom has many samples to peruse, carpeting is normally not the best choice for a kitchen remodelling project. Food and beverages are often spilled in the kitchen, and carpeting will take on odours or stains that are difficult to clean.
  • Ceramic tile always draws a crowd at our kitchen showroom thanks to its wide range of shapes (hexagon, rectangular, octagon, and square), sizes, and colours to choose from. Though ceramic feels solid underfoot, it can crack easily and may need to be cleaned and sealed periodically to retain its colour and protect against stains. One of the biggest drawbacks in ceramic is cold in the winter, but that can be minimized with cleverly installed under-floor radiant heat elements.
  • Stone or natural flooring is as stylish as ceramic tiles, but the disadvantage is it is heavy and difficult to work with, requiring special cutting tools and expert craftsmanship to be installed properly. This type of flooring is also expensive, can stain easily, and is hard to repair.
  • Another popular option on display in our kitchen showroom are vinyl sheets or tiles that come in thousands of styles and colours. This type of flooring is ideal for a mid-range project and is economical and long-lasting.

Finally, many customers who ask about natural wood flooring are concerned about water damage when, in reality, high quality and properly installed wood flooring holds up as well as other materials when sealed and maintained. Visit our kitchen showroom in Toronto to view options for your new kitchen.

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