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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Bathroom Renovation

Costly renovation mistakes can cost you thousands! Before starting your bathroom renovation, it’s important to have a plan in place. Good planning for both kitchen and bath remodels includes outlining the project’s scope, setting a budget and timeline, and choosing all materials and fixtures you’ll need. A clear plan will help keep you organized and on track as you tackle all the tasks involved with a bathroom renovation. Here are the top mistakes to avoid.

1 Keeping Up Old Wallpaper

Does your home have decades-old wallpaper? Don’t leave it up. Not only does old wallpaper date your home, but it may also harbour bacteria or mould. Instantly transform the dullest of bathrooms into something fresher and more modern-looking with a new paint job or custom tiling. Choose colours that make sense for the space—light colours tend to brighten up smaller spaces. In contrast, dark colours open up larger rooms like master baths.

2 Ignoring Broken Fixtures and Dangerous Electrical Problems

Outdated kitchen and bath fixtures make a significant impact when it comes to how your bathroom looks and functions. These tiny changes drastically transform your space from replacing outdated hardware on cabinets and drawers to switching out old sinks with newer models. And always replace old electrical items and lighting. Have a professional look at any electrical issues. Even if it costs a little more to update your bathroom, you will not regret its improved safety, aesthetic beauty, and functionality. 

3 Skipping the Modern Touches

Embrace 21st-century living and leave behind the dull bathroom of the 20th century. To take your bathroom renovation over the top, consider adding unique pieces like heated towel racks or motion-activated night lights near toilets, so they’re easier to find in the dark. Look into smart appliances and bathroom speakers for even more convenience. Find ways to incorporate modern-day living into your bathroom space. 

4 Forgetting About Bathroom Storage

Want to avoid bathroom clutter and mess? You need good storage! Even if you don’t have enough room for new cabinetry, think about adding shelves or bathroom baskets that can store items stylishly and conveniently with easy access whenever necessary. Contemporary bathrooms have many exciting new options with clever hidden storage. And don’t forget to take advantage of wall space with custom shelving or mirrored medicine cabinets. Find ways to maximize even a tiny space with good design.

5 Skipping Bathroom Flooring

Don’t keep outdated and often gross mouldy bathroom flooring. When updating any part of your home, invest in quality flooring. A good quality floor will last far longer than cheaper options made with substandard materials. And remember, you need to install flooring that is easy to maintain and can withstand water damage. 

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