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What are the 6 Different Types of Kitchens?

The wrong kitchen layout can leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. If you have an older home, your outdated kitchen might seem cramped. Time to upgrade your kitchen and call the kitchen remodelers. The right type of kitchen for your home depends on a variety of factors like size, functionality, and your budget. Do you want a galley kitchen or have space for an open layout? Think about ergonomics. You want your kitchen to be a comfortable oasis, not a squished, cluttered mess. Which kitchen works best for your needs? 

1 The One Wall Kitchen

For homeowners and condo owners with smaller spaces, a one-wall kitchen layout gives you space and storage. Opt for cabinets floor-to-ceiling for additional storage space. Optimize your kitchen layout. Speak with your kitchen remodelers and designer about how to make the kitchen as functional as possible. For example, you might want to put the sink at the far end and maximize counter space. 

2 Galley Kitchens

Like the one-wall kitchen layout, a galley kitchen works best in smaller kitchens. They offer considerable flexibility and extra storage. Be sure to really plan out where you place appliances. For example, avoid blocking your prepping station with a dishwasher or oven directly on the other side. Kitchens are high-traffic areas. Work with your designer to take into account logical appliance placement. 

3 L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

The L-shaped kitchen gives you ample space to cook and prep. Enjoy more storage space and even a kitchen island. You can install a small breakfast nook or office corner. L-shaped kitchens offer a versatile option for most families.

4 The U-Shaped Kitchen

If you have a much more spacious kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen provides ample storage with cabinetry on three walls and plenty of space for prep and cooking. Multiple family members can use the kitchen at the same time. Consider your kitchen work triangle between the stove, prep station, and refrigerator. Talk with your designer about how to really maximize the multifunctionality of your kitchen with the U-Shaped layout. 

5 An Island Kitchen

No, we aren’t talking about palm trees and ocean breezes. An island kitchen centers itself around a large work surface area centred in the space. Your kitchen island offers extra storage and prep. Some larger kitchen islands have an extra sink or dishwasher. Another popular option involves having two smaller kitchen islands joined together to allow for flexibility in set-up. 

6 Peninsula Kitchen Layouts

The peninsula kitchen provides extra space for eating, like a breakfast nook, or food preparation. A small counter juts out from the cabinetry. This extra space gives you room to prep and cook. The peninsula kitchen is popular in apartments, condos, and older homes. To make the peninsula kitchen work for you, consider your natural workflow and how much eating/prep area you need. Speak with your designer about options. 

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