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What Your Kitchen Says About You 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. What your kitchen looks like says so much about you, your lifestyle, and your family. From kitchen cabinet color to layout, what does your kitchen really say about you? Are you fun and ambitious, a social butterfly, or do you prefer calm serene quiet? Check out what your kitchen really says about you! 

The Classic White Kitchen 

You know the type. White walls, cream kitchen cabinet color, white tile – the entire kitchen has a minimalist, serene kind of feel. Your kitchen is more about luxury and show than actual use. The timeless look reflects how much you prioritize cleanliness and order. Your family dines in a separate room, leaving the pristine countertops clean and food-free.  

The Orange Bohemian Kitchen 

You love fun. Chances are that you have a taste for adventure and fun. You probably have furry friends and little ones running about. Spills and messes don’t phase you. They are a part of life. You love having friends over and are the local social butterfly. Your kitchen cabinet color reflects your vibrant personality. You might not have the most orderly kitchen, but it definiely feels like home! 

The Purple French Kitchen 

Inspired by the French Country? Beautiful pastels like lavender curtains and cream countertops with floral patterns sprinkled about ornate your kitchen space. You love adding in florals and have a small indoor herb garden. At least a few bouquets of fresh flowers adorn the room. You let in as much natural light as possible and love the sound of birds early in the morning as you sip your latte. You have a spiritual connection to the world around you. You adore nature and simplicity but have a heart for adventure and seeing beyond yourself.  

Calming Blue 

Your soul desires calmness and tranquility. Daily life can leave you tired and exhausted, so you have created a safe haven for yourself in your home. Light and dark blues promote a sense of peace. You might have minimal photos and paintings adorning your wall, but nothing that makes it seem cluttered. You avoid anxiety at all costs and hope that your home brings positive energy to all that enter.  

Industrial Gray 

You embrace urban life. Combining concrete, marble, and metals with brick and other industrial materials gives you a silent strength. When guests visit your home, they are at once awed by the artistic décor and the sleek design. Your life is one of adventure and elegance, a combination of embracing the crazy go of modern life and juxtaposing it with the comfort of home. You are eclectic. You are bold.  

Ready to Reimagine Your Kitchen?  

Are you unsatisfied with your outdated kitchen? Do you want your kitchen to be the haven in your home – a place where you can relax, unwind, and celebrate life with your friends and family? Call our expert design team today. At Parada we get to know each client’s specific needs, lifestyle, and preferences. We design the kitchen you always wanted. Contact us today. Our friendly staff cannot wait to talk with you.  

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