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What Kitchen Remodel Trends Add Value to Your Home? 

Ready to renovate your kitchen? Which home design trends will add the most value to your home? If you are thinking about reselling your home, choose the best upgrades that will add value to your home. While there are many, many changes you can make, only a select handful make the biggest difference. And avoid fleeting trends that actually might take away from your home aesthetic. We will review the latest remodels, like kitchen cabinet trends and countertop options popular in 2022. 

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops 

Many of us have old, outdated kitchens with dilapidated cabinets and scratched-up countertops. Nothing says “ugh” like a countertop that looks like it’s a century old. Replace your countertops with modern materials and bolder colors. Update your kitchen with the latest kitchen cabinet trends like two-toned cabinets and cabinets with genius hidden storage. Our Parada Kitchens experts will show you the wide range of custom kitchen cabinets and countertop options available to you. Find a style that works for you aesthetically and functionally. You want a kitchen that you LOVE. Find the right design to fit your lifestyle and unique tastes. 

The Multipurpose Area 

After the pandemic, many of us found that we had to work, play, and study at the home. The kitchen space became more than a food prep area. In many homes, the kitchen became the central meeting place where the family ate meals together, went over schoolwork, and conducted countless video chat calls. Adding a multipurpose area will add functionality and value to your home. It can be as simple as a breakfast nook that doubles as a school area or making space for a compact home office in the kitchen. Discuss popular options with our Parada Kitchen Design team. We will guide you through the many exciting contemporary options available to reimagine your kitchen space.  

The Value of a Kitchen Island 

Want to add extra functionality to your kitchen? A kitchen island adds extra food prep space and storage. Opt for a more minimalist style or jazz up the countertop with bold colors and tiling. A common trend today is the double kitchen island. Instead of one long island, install two smaller kitchen islands in strategic places. For example, one can be a coffee station and the other a homework nook. Slide them together for a more traditional kitchen island.  

Kitchen islands have incredible storage capability. Store extra appliances, pots, and pans out of sight. Some kitchen islands have their own butcher block, towel rack, and even kitchen sink. Talk with your home remodeler about where you can upgrade your kitchen island and what custom options work best for your needs.  

Parada prides itself on the best kitchen remodeling services in the area. We have excellent customer service. Our design teams have years of experience. We will partner with you to design the kitchen you always dreamed of. Contact us today for your initial consult. We will be happy to work with you. Call us today.  

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