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Why You Should Invest in Modern Kitchen Design 

Did you know that a kitchen remodel substantially increases your home value? When prospective buyers view your home, they often take into account the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen remains one of the top dealbreakers in home sales. So, what should you do if you don’t have the best sink in your kitchen, have cracked tiling, or outdated cabinets? Is a kitchen remodel worth the time and effort?  

First, It’s About You 

Be honest. Do you love your kitchen? Your kitchen is the center of your home. Your family members and friends congregate there to eat and talk. If you are like many families, the pandemic has forced you to use your kitchen as a home office space or schoolwork nook for your kids. And most of us have been stuck indoors a lot more than we want to in the last couple of years. When you consider a remodel, the first thing to think about is you and your family. What will make your kitchen more accessible, functional, and beautiful? Do you really, really want new cabinets, or need upgraded appliances? What is the best sink for your kitchen? What appliances fit your needs and lifestyle?  

So first, think about the value that your upgraded kitchen will have for you and your family. Consider your needs. Consider what would increase your overall quality of life. You want to have a kitchen that functions perfectly – one which allows you to prep, cook, and entertain easily. The layout, the storage, the lighting – all this fits together to make your kitchen ideal for your lifestyle. 

Home Value 

Think long-term. Depending on the quality of your kitchen remodel, your new kitchen can bring back considerable returns on your investment. In fact, you might even find that your new kitchen can SELL your house for you. But you need to make investments in items and upgrades that will actually make a significant difference, up to 50%!  

Features That Add the Most Value to Your Kitchen 

Which improvements will add both value and versatility to your kitchen? First, the layout will make the biggest difference in the worth and the use of your kitchen. Work with a Parada designer to find the right layout that works for you. Choose from several popular options like the galley kitchen, U-kitchen, and open concept layout. Smaller homes may need more compact layouts.  

Innovative modern storage and cabinets make a major difference. With new options that make storage more accessible and leave clutter out of sight, modern storage solutions should be the next feature you need to discuss. Spacious cupboards, drawers, and shelves add the most value to any property. Additionally, they add functionality to your space. You will benefit substantially from contemporary cabinets.  

Finally, add the details like smart appliances, a gorgeous backsplash, and a good colour scheme. The aesthetics of your kitchen will strike your guests and potential buyers first. High-quality flooring and a modern look make an enormous difference.  

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