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5 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

Are you ready to transform your kitchen? Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you eat with your family, make wonderful memories, and spend time with friends. But has your kitchen fallen into decline? Is it an absolutely cluttered mess? Are you tired of looking at the drab cabinets, broken tiling, and old rusted fixtures? Kitchen remodelers will help you find ways to declutter your kitchen with innovative storage solutions, sleek modern designs, and an exciting new look that will bring life into your home.  

1 Embrace Spacious 

You want a spacious, open kitchen. An open kitchen allows you to move around the space easily for prepping and cooking. With modern custom storage solutions, you can store pots and pans, appliances, cookbooks, and more. Your kitchen remodelers will replace outdated cabinets and drawers with today’s multifunctional designs. Maybe it’s time to install a brand-new kitchen island or an extra dishwasher for entertaining?  

2 Choose Multifunctionality 

You want your kitchen to be functional and comfortable. Try some of our top-trending styles and ideas to maximize your kitchen space:  

  • Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets 
  • Streamlined cabinetry 
  • Slab doors 
  • Open storage racks and rails 
  • Glass cabinet doors to showcase China and dishware 
  • Smart lighting solutions 
  • Homeowner corner 
  • A custom kitchen island 
  • Space for furry friends 
  • Lift-up and swing doors 
  • Dual toned cabinets 
  • Accessible pull-down storage shelves 
  • Recessed handles 
  • Butler’s pantry 
  • Coffee nook 
  • Breakfast nook 

Each one of these exciting ideas makes the most of your kitchen space.  

3 Make Sure Everything Has a Place 

Find a place for everything you need. Incorporate accessible cabinets and kitchen island. Reimagine cabinets with our designs. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Our talented seasoned designers will be willing to walk you through each and every step of your remodel. We know exactly how to find the perfect solution that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.  

4 Choose Bold Styles and Colours 

Revamping the colour and style of your kitchen will immediately bring a sense of openness to your kitchen. At Parada Kitchen & Design we offer the region’s widest selection of custom kitchen storage solutions. We have a limitless number of styles and colours to fit every kitchen. We specialize in custom kitchens and cabinetry. We also offer exceptional services for countertops and any kitchen renovation projec5.  

5 Keep Your Kitchen Sleek with Custom Storage 

A clean kitchen has a classic look. However, many older kitchens did not take into account multiple appliances, multifunctionality, or large numbers of modern appliances. Thankfully we have options like storing large appliances in custom kitchen cabinets or designing a gorgeous beverage bar for your wine collection. Our kitchen islands have a number of options like pull-out cutting boards, concealed compartments, and hidden towel racks. Just ask us what you need, and we will find the right solution for you.  

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