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How do you modernize a kitchen in 2022?

Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home. You want a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, even with a small kitchen design. Modernizing your kitchen space relies on a number of factors like space, use, and age of your kitchen. What are some of the top ways to modernize your kitchen in 2022? Let’s discover some of the top trends for this year.  

Multifunctional Spaces 

In the past, only cooking was done in the kitchen. Today, modern kitchens accommodate a variety of activities, from entertaining guests to schooling, managing a small home office. Because of this the modern home often needs to be a multifunctional space. Even small kitchen design benefits from pieces that have multiple uses. Rethink your space: 

  • Hidden custom storage to hide clutter, pans, and even work papers 
  • A breakfast bar that also serves as a homework space 
  • Dining room table that expands for more company 
  • Custom lighting options that adjust for functionality 
  • Handy drawer organizers 
  • Roll-out trays to store utensils, writing supplies, etc. 
  • Under-shelf baskets and racks 

By incorporating custom hidden storage options, one can really make the most of the kitchen no matter what the use.  

Safety Features 

Believe it or not, safety remains a top priority in the kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen often is the most used space in the home, at all hours of the day, there are greater chances of mishaps. Think about tripping in the dark when getting a snack, or a small child or pet getting hurt while cooking is being done.  

What can you do to make your kitchen space safer? Motion sensor lighting makes dark rooms safer, reducing trip hazards. Easy-to-use storage prevents clutter from accumulating and creating trip hazards. There are a number of safety features that custom drawers, organizers, and more can have to keep little ones from getting into danger. Install new fixtures that have smart control functions.  

Upgrade Fixtures and Cabinets 

One easy and affordable way to update an outdated kitchen is to replace fixtures. Options like gold and various metals remain popular in 2022. Replace old worn cabinets with new ones. Our kitchen cabinet designs have the highest level of top-notch workmanship. They will last you for years and years to come. Ask our design team about what exciting fixtures and cabinets solutions we have for your home.  

Modernize Countertops for 2022 

Avoid cheap vinyl countertops or hard-to-clean tiling. Instead, embrace modern countertops like granite and marble. Other popular options this year include concrete or brick, for a sleek industrial look. Be sure to go with a heavy-duty high-quality material that will last.  

When you need to update or remodel your home, contact Parada Kitchen. We have the largest collection of kitchen design solutions in the area. Enjoy our friendly customer service and professional design experience. Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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