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Craft Your Ideal Kitchen in 4 Steps

How can you design the ideal kitchen space? From modern kitchen ideas to more traditional styles, what type of kitchen suits you and your lifestyle best? Our design team will share the best way to create your ideal kitchen. So, let’s begin! 

Step 1: Which Layout is Perfect for You?  

Figuring out the perfect layout for your kitchen helps you prepare the right cooking and entertainment space for your family. How do you use your kitchen? Do you prefer modern kitchen ideas like open space plans, custom lighting, and an industrial look? Or would you rather enjoy a cozy traditional kitchen?  

Think about the working triangle – the sink, fridge, and food prep space. How do you want to move around this space? You have a few options for kitchen layouts:  

  • The Galley Kitchen – Ideal for smaller homes, condos and apartments 
  • U-Shaped Kitchens – Great for maximum efficiency 
  • L-Shaped Kitchens – Perfect for a modern look 

Some other popular styles include the open plan kitchen and curved kitchens.  

Step 2: Develop a Floorplan 

Measure out where you want each element in your kitchen. Where do you want the fridge, stove, kitchen island, and cabinets? Make the most of your space. Speak with our designers at Parada to develop a gorgeous floor plan ideal for your needs and budget. Think of kitchen flow and placement of external windows and doors. Figure in how you want to move around your space and how the kitchen connects to other rooms. Always talk with your designer about ways to expedite construction and reduce cost.  

Step 3: Make a Vision Board 

Gather your inspiration for your kitchen in a digital or physical vision board. Find the right kitchen design to match the décor of your home. You can find a wide range of designs from websites like Pinterest. Think about some of the following elements:  

  • Color and texture 
  • Fixtures 
  • Kitchen cabinet styles and colors 
  • Style (ex. Modern, freestanding, or traditional) 
  • Lighting options (ex. Custom or natural lighting) 
  • What materials needed 
  • Choice of appliances 
  • Backsplashes 
  • Accessories and paintings 
  • Foliage options 
  • Kitchen countertop materials 
  • Kitchen Island options 

Show your vision board to your design team. They will help you realize your dream kitchen. 

Step 4: Tiles and Flooring 

Decide on the flooring and tiling plan that works best for your family. Today you can choose from options like concrete, laminate, wood, and other options. Some other options include tiles like stone, ceramic, or porcelain.  

  • Wood – Engineered wood looks like real wooden floors but lasts longer with the moisture in the room 
  • Laminate – For a more budget-friendly choice, laminate mimics a wide range of popular looks 
  • Vinyl – Many vinyl floors are durable and scratch resistant 
  • Concrete – Contemporary concrete flooring provides a stain-proof options 

Discuss your favourite flooring options with our design team. Together we will develop a plan for you to have the kitchen you deserve. Call us today. 

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