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Should You Remodel Your Bathroom During Winter?

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. It is where you take care of personal hygiene, relax after a long day at work, or even sleep. Therefore, you must get the right bathroom design. But should you remodel your bathroom during winter? 

The short answer: yes. Bathroom remodels are perfect during wintertime, as this is one of the few remodeling projects you can do during winter. Being inside helps out quite a bit. 

Below, we will go through a pros and cons list indicating why you should or shouldn’t pursue a wintertime bathroom renovation. 

Pro #1: Easier To Schedule

If you manage to find a contractor who does winter bathroom renovations, you’ll find it easier to schedule. This is because not many people are thinking about these renovations during winter. 

A contractor’s potential openings are going to be more significant. This allows you some flexibility to do so on your schedule, a great benefit when renovating. 

Pro #2: Potential Cost Savings

Because there is less work available during the winter season, contractors are usually willing to give better rates. This isn’t true for all contractors, so you’ll want to do a bit of shopping before settling on one.

The winter months shouldn’t encourage you to get cheap, shoddy work. However, it not being the busy season means you might be giving your contractor a chance for some extra earnings.

Hiring a contractor should be collaborative, not feel like you are trone to “one-up” each other. 

Pro #3: You Do It Indoors

It is difficult to do outdoor work during the colder months. Things like bathroom and kitchen remodeling have the same bonus: indoor work. 

These improvement projects have the unique advantage of not dealing with the winter season. However, bathrooms facing the outer wall will have to be carefully reconsidered if you need to dig into the walls. 

Con #1: Risky To Do Plumbing

Out outer pipes act as a conduit for leading the cold inside whenever you do plumbing work. Plumbing work during the winter months is much more complex, even with an indoor bathroom remodeling project.

If you can, avoid plumbing work with any bathroom renovation project. Otherwise, you might end up bringing the cold weather indoors. 

Con #2: Harder in Remote Locations

Because of icy road conditions and colder weather, contractors are less willing to drive to distant locations. The holiday season makes it challenging for people to travel long distances.

Those living in remote locations are usually stuck with waiting for warmer months. Many times, a contractor’s millage limit reduces with more dangerous conditions. 

Otherwise, you might have to pay a premium for a remodeling company to come to your location. This is a factor regardless of colder temperatures.


Regardless of an indoor project being easier during cold weather, there is no reason why you cannot perform bathroom improvements during this time. If you consider the walls you are modifying, you can do this. 

Contact Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms to see if you can get your renovation project done over the winter. 

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