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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022

The kitchen has always been at the heart of the home. In 2022 it seems that the kitchen is becoming the hub of the entire house. From the living room to the dining area, the kitchen is where everyone gathers. As a result, the kitchen is evolving into a multipurpose space.

As the kitchen becomes more multifunctional, it’s essential to consider its design. In addition to being functional, the kitchen should also be aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in the kitchen over the next decade.

Trend #1: More Bold Colors

The kitchen of yesterday was all about sticking with beige and black. Modern kitchen designs might have a portion of understated elements, but there will be one bold color.

The bold color choice comes from the numerous interest boards showing white cabinets next to a splash of red or blue. 

The idea is to limit this boldness to a single spot, avoiding making your kitchen too eye-catching. The kitchen still needs to be an ideal gathering spot.

Trend #2: Double Sinks

A double kitchen sink is necessary, becoming a complete workstation. These sinks allow for multiple food activities.

This trend is not new, but it is a continuing and persistent trend that has continued to grow over several decades. 

Galley-style sinks, or wider models, are seeing an exceptionally high level of demand in the kitchen sector. Much of this comes from its ease of use when cleaning large pots and pans. 

Trend #3: Unique Kitchen Islands 

A kitchen island is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Adding a permanent central workstation adds to the collective element of the kitchen. 

However, the standard kitchen island isn’t enough for most folks. Many people need to add sinks, butcher blocks, or other ways to accent their kitchens.

This kitchen design trend has seen solid movement over the past few years.

Trend #4: Open Floor Plans

The combo living room & kitchen was once more of a generalist trend. But part of having multitasking rooms come where everything gathers is critical.

The combined plan allows for immense cost savings, allowing a laminate or wood-like floor across multiple surfaces. The division between the two rooms can be understated, showing an “only floor” change.  

The reality is that it is more likely for you to have a single room for all of this than it was decades ago. Much of this comes from the desire for space in some kitchen designs.

Conclusion – A Roundup on Other Kitchen Trends

Other less popular kitchen trends include the following:

  • Natural wood appearance
  • Smart appliance installation
  • Rounded accents built into your walls or baseboards
  • Walk-in pantries (for more storage space)

Regardless of wanting to be trendy or not, your priority should be finding something that works for you. Trends can inspire new ideas but shouldn’t be pursued given their tendency to change.

To see how modern trends can be part of your functional kitchen, contact us a Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms today. 

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