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Five Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen for the Holidays

It is easy to get lost in decorating the outside and living room with the holidays upon us. But when it’s time to decorate your kitchen, where do you even start?   If this sounds like you, we’ve got the list for you. Here are five ways to decorate your kitchen for the holidays.

Decoration Idea #1: Don’t Forget The Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are typically seen at the front of your home. But who gets to say that the people walking by your house get to have all the fun.

Bringing the holiday wreaths to the kitchen door is one way to introduce that cheer to your kitchen. However, you might want to forgo the jingling bells so you can avoid having to hear them every 20 seconds.

If you have a combined kitchen/living room, hang your wreath in the entryway or on a wall. There are no holiday laws that tell you not to do this.

Decoration Idea #2: Use Your Windows

The windows in your living room likely have a few holiday stickers or ornaments on them. Don’t forget that you also have windows in your kitchen.

Let’s your kits splatter the windows with various holiday stickers. You can also hang tinsel or light around the edges to give your kitchen an indoor nightlight.

Decoration Idea #3: Holiday-Themed Linens

Napkins, towels, and tablecloths are all parts of your kitchen table. These linens are also an excellent way to create a dash of holiday cheer.

Replacing the kitchen pieces with reds and greens are two such examples. Holiday towels aren’t quite as standard, but you can find anything with enough Googling.

You don’t have to break these out too early or too late. Again, no holiday laws are telling you how to celebrate this winter season. Having special kitchen gear can include plates and cups if you feel ambitious.

Decoration Idea #4: Give Your Table A Centerpiece

Outside of having specialized holiday cups or plates, you can also change up the table. This decorative spirit includes the replacement of the tablecloth and maybe some chair decorations. But don’t forget about changing out the centerpiece.

Get some mason jars and fill them up with holiday-themed items. Items can include mistletoe, candy canes, and other treats. Placing them on a permanent tray also enables you to move them out of the way quickly.

If you don’t feel like moving things out of the way,  you might consider a small item. You can also take this idea and apply it to other holidays.

Decoration Idea #5: Consider Renovating For A Rustic Environment

If your family loves the holiday season, the chances are that they love the nostalgia of it. A great way to express nostalgia is by having a room that represents it.

With a rustic kitchen, your space is already halfway ready for the holidays. The warm, inviting space is no replacement for painting your walls the shade of candy cane, but it will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

If a rustic kitchen sounds like it could be in your future, contact us today!

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