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What Do You Need For A Rustic Kitchen?

When people talk about being “rustic,” they talk about nostalgia. That classic farmhouse feels that brings them back to cozy Autumns with their mom and dad. To recreate that experience, you can design a rustic kitchen.

If you need help selecting the best parts of your rustic kitchen, this article has you covered. Below, we will explore many of the common elements of this classic appearance.

Use Natural Materials for Rustic Kitchens

A big part of the rustic design is the usage of classic materials. Copper, stone, and rough-looking wood are all great examples.

Inspiration from the past comes from an appreciation for the natural element. Sometimes, people are inclined to make their cabinets look like old crates.

Copper is also a popular metal of use that combines rustic and Fall appearances. So if you also want something to celebrate the Autumn, rustic choices are great.

Open Shelving for Rustic Kitchens

Open shelving refers to an unrestricted view of your plates, pots, and spices. These days, people are more used to cabinets.

Open shelving also has a few general benefits as well. No more struggling between cabinets to find what you need. Instead, all you need to do is look.

If you have copper cookware, the nostalgic look is complete. Now might be a good time to replace some cookware.

Sturdy-Looking Tables and Chairs

Call me old-fashioned, but furniture seems to break pretty easily compared to what we had. If you have a piece of furniture from a few decades ago, you know how hefty it can be.

If you live in a high-rise, you start to understand why fat tables and chairs aren’t popular. However, old and large houses beg to differ.

If you live in a regular house, buying older and used furniture is one way to reach that ideal rustic appearance. With the right care, you might be able to help that new furniture last another forty years.

Earthy Colors for Your Rustic Kitchen

A big part of the rustic appearance goes back to selecting an earthy palate. This means greens, browns, and some mild blues and blacks.

All hues don’t have to come entirely from nature, but they should be inspired. For example, red hues that resemble saffron or a baked apple are a good start.

You can also choose cream or buttermilk paint colors. Don’t forget about stone. A rustic kitchen with stone-like paint is incredibly classy.

Optional Parts of a Rustic Kitchen:

  • A farmhouse sink also known as an apron-front sink
  • Barn door cabinets or pantry doors
  • Beadboard paneling (the classic wooden appearance)
  • Exposed beams

Wrap Up – What Do You Need For A Rustic Kitchen?

A rustic kitchen needs to have the right colors, cabinets, and furniture. The combination of all things results in an awesome rustic appearance. Planning it out is your first step in having it.

Our team at Parada Kitchens specializes in the creation of rustic kitchens. So if you need someone to help your dream kitchen become real, contact us today.

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