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What Are Modular Kitchens?

The ultimate goal in remodeling any room comes back to making it functional and simplistic. Since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, this is one area that should receive a good chunk of attention. When searching for the best combination of beauty and efficiency, you’ve probably heard the term “modular kitchen.” So, what are modular kitchens?

Modular kitchens are a form with a series of pre-built sections. They are created to be matched together like you would legos. When different pieces are put together, you have a simple and complete kitchen.

These modular rooms are complete and total packages with simplistic assembly. Below, we will go through the reasons why you might consider one.

The Pros of Modular Kitchens

Pro One: They Are Sleek and Modern

Modular kitchens are a modern concept popularized by Ikea. As a result, they are known to have pretty solid design elements.

Those who love the sleek lines of a modern kitchen will appreciate the appearance of modern kitchens. This is unlike kitchens built by carpenters, which might be slightly off in a few areas.

Pro Two: They Have A Variety of Color and Pattern Choices

While there are many standard cabinet and appliance sizes, modular kitchens need to be built to spec. That means they have the materials on standby, waiting for the measurements to come in for completion.

Since modular kitchens are built as part of a kitchen, the creators need to be picky. That means you are allowed to be selective with unique colors and patterns.

Pro Three: They Are Less Expensive Than Carpenter Built Kitchens

Because these kitchens are built to specific specifications, all cabinets and other pieces are about the same. The consistency of these pieces creates a more significant potential for cost savings.

Typically, most kitchens use standardized dimensions, which can drive down the cost further. That means more potential for mass production with the option to swap out for different designs and colors.

That’s more money you can put towards further renovations down the line. But there are some reasons against modular kitchens.

The Cons of Modular Kitchens

Con One: They Are Blocky

A big deal in modern kitchen designs is to create a lot of square objects. While most of your kitchen is shapes (stove, cabinets, fridge, etc.), modular kitchens are pretty square.

The focus on simple design allows for unique colors and patterns but less opportunity for special shapes.

Con Two: Not Everyone Provides Them

Modular kitchens are pretty popular, but not everyone provides them. You might have to do a little bit of hunting around when finding a modular kitchen.

Also, not all kitchen providers support the same brands. That means for more hunting around should you want to get a modular kitchen.

Should I Get A Modular Kitchen?

The answer to that question comes to two things: How much do you have to spend, and your design preferences?

Because modular kitchens are typically made of various cubes, you don’t have many options on design. If you don’t like modern kitchens, you won’t like modular kitchens.

Also, ask yourself how much money you have to spend. A great way to save money is to go with a series of pre-built cabinets. If you seek to save money with a modular kitchen renovation, contact Parada Kitchens for a quote.

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