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Five Must-Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

A dream kitchen is sometimes just that, something we only dream about. However, what if I told you that it was possible to take baby steps towards your dream? But with this in mind, what are the things I should look for in my dream kitchen.

While that’s up to you, we’ve got a list of items most people should consider for their kitchen. These are must-haves to create the ultimate kitchen in most cases.

#1: A Prep Sink in Your Island

A prep sink is a specific sink for an island associated with prepping food. Most people have a single sink in their kitchen. Still, the additional prep sink allows you to different sinks for washing dishes and preparing food.

A sink in a separate location is perfect for preparing food without accidentally exposing you to chemicals. Be sure to specially inform household members that you have a prep sink and a “regular” sink! With this style of sink, you’ll have a unique food safety bonus that makes you feel like you have an in-home restaurant.

#2: A Walk-in Pantry

You’ve heard of walk-in shelves, but how about a walk-in pantry. This style choice is otherwise known as a butler pantry, and you can easily see why given the level of fancy it contains.

The remarkable amount of storage in butler pantries is impressive. Being able to walk into a coset and spin around to see all of the potential dishes you can make is amazing.

Also, more dry food storage means more significant long-term potential savings!

#3: An Appliance Garage

The biggest problem with most traditional kitchens is that it doesn’t have a good space for appliances. Instead, big machines and small devices get into some available space.

Instead, appliance garages are specially designed spaces that you can use for appliance storage. The thing about this “garage” is that you only take things out when you need them. But your appliances are still easy to access because there is a defined space for them.

#4: Integrated Counters and Appliances

Uniform color and style are what make a dream kitchen stand out. That’s why one goal of your kitchen should be to have an integrated design for cabinets.

Covering appliances with the same design as storage space means you’ll no longer have ugly appliances stand out. Regardless of some modern and beautiful machines, they still look better blending in.

#5: Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is excellent during those moments where you sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack if you’ve got friends over. With the proper lighting, you won’t be waking them up by turning on adjacent kitchen lighting.

Instead, dream kitchens can light up the typically dim cabinets spaces. With cabinet lighting, there is more fumbling around dark areas for your 1 a.m. yogurt snack.

Final Thoughts

While these are a few good ideas for making a dream kitchen, your dream is your own. If you want a wine fridge, two dishwashers, or built-in speakers, you’ve got it.

To see about your dreams becoming a reality, contact Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms to see how we can help.

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