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Five Kitchen Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Mistake One: Not Accounting For Walking Space

The first (and most common) mistake comes from not leaving yourself enough walking space. At the very least, you need to have enough room for two humans to fit comfortably in walking paths.

If you don’t think you’ll need cooking buddies, people might still need to walk through. Always leave yourself an ample amount of walking space.

Mistake Two: Creating a Big Island

A mistake that leads to small walking spaces comes back to a huge island. Ideally, the length of your island should be no more than ten feet.

If you plan on building an eating space into your island, account for that. Islands also have ample potential to provide additional storage.

Mistake Three: Creating “Dead Space”

Dead space refers to space that in a kitchen not used for anything. This isn’t a walking space, but more like an entire corner that is awkwardly unused.

Make sure that any potential gap in a kitchen is addressed. You don’t want a space to be rammed in at the last minute. Even if you can’t use the floor space, you might consider it a place to hang utensils.

Mistake Four: Creating a Clustered a Small Space

Another common mistake comes back to people overloading their small kitchen with too much stuff. This typically is related to the “island that’s too big” issue mentioned earlier.

To avoid overwhelming a small space, keep a list of items you need to be big. Also, keep in mind what you can keep small. Downsizing some things may help you meet some priorities.

Mistake Five: Impulsive Design Decisions

To suddenly add a chandelier to your project would be insane. But one of the most significant time and energy sucks of kitchen remodels is indecisiveness. Unless you know what you want, don’t get started.

If you get a good idea partially through the project, that idea could be something you should’ve mentioned earlier. You can deviate from design plans, creating a situation where your impulse cant fit in the kitchen.

Impulsive decisions also typically explode the budget. So instead of being super-impulsive, stick with things you’ve already planned out.

Final Thoughts

The most prominent mistake people make in kitchen designing typically leads back to poor planning. Making things too big, too small, or cluttered can make a mess of things. Creating a plan and sticking to it will solve a lot of these problems.

If you need some help letting this plan come to fruition, Parada Kitchens can help you out. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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