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Seven Beautiful Kitchen Colors For You

The color of a kitchen creates a unique feeling for the room you cook food in. For the most part, it tells people that you probably like that color for a kitchen. But kitchen colors create specific experiences and design preferences. That’s why we have seven different colors you can choose to inspire ideas in your kitchen.

Below are the seven colors we have selected:

  • Baby blue
  • Crimson
  • Eggshell
  • Light mint green
  • Black
  • Light beige
  • Light grey

We will let you know how these colors can benefit your kitchen below.

#1: Baby Blue

Lighter blue shades give your kitchen a clean look. When acting as an accent for wooden cabinets, it goes well with white countertops. The combination is fair and not too dominating. Too much blue in a kitchen can look unusual.

#2: Crimson

A variant of red can stoke your kitchen with a unique, eye-catching color scheme. This color for your walls and cabinets can be a significant contribution. Walking into your kitchen will be an experience every morning, so make sure you like the color before you use it.

#3: Eggshell

Eggshell is a classic and elegant color that works well in combination with accents. Those who like a dash of color will appreciate how easy this color is on the eyes. Given that this is a slightly yellow variant be sure that you stick to softer lighting. Hard lights can color your walls to be more yellow than white.

#4: Light Mint Green

Mint green by itself is an overpowering color that is usable in small bits. Given that we already gave an oppressive example, adding a bit of white to mint green can make your kitchen feel fresh. This color is complementary to darker greens, so you’ve chosen the right color if you are a plant lover.

#5: Black

The other end of the spectrum involves a more demanding color. Much like crimson, too much black can make your kitchen look like a dungeon. Keeping black to the cabinets and countertops provides your kitchen with a modern and professional appearance.

#6: Light Beige

The standard beige color can make your kitchen feel like walking into a pair of khakis. Adding a bit of brightness to that color can give your kitchen a light earthy feel. Beige Is naturally good at not dominating a room. With a bit of light, you create a bright and relaxing experience.  

#7: Light Grey

When you want a professional look that avoids the dungeonesque appearance, stick with light grey. Light grey is a color that provides a clean, modern look without it being too much on the eyes. Stick with this option if you seek modernism.

Final Thoughts

All of the colors listed above create a variety of possible experiences. Depending on how you want your kitchen to feel, your favorite color may not even be on this list. For a full spectrum of potential in your kitchen colors, check with us to see about all of your options.

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