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Six Different Types of Kitchens

Kitchen layouts come in a wide variety of options. A complete kitchen is different for every person, but how do you select a design that works for you? In this article, we will go through six different kitchen designs you should consider. 

#1: U-Shaped Kitchen

Large kitchen spaces have the potential to be incredibly efficient. You are spinning around to grab your essential kitchen tools in an efficient space. Combine that with potential islands and countertops you can easily lift over, and you have the area to fit a dining room as well. 

This layout is otherwise known as a horseshoe layout, given that a series of counters surround you.

#2: L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens are a type of kitchen that has a lot of walking room. For smaller rooms, these shapes of kitchen fool those entering it with a large walking area. 

This layout is excellent for maximizing storage space by using two different walls. Among residential kitchens,  this is ideal meth for the storage of tools right next to your refrigerator.

#3: One-Wall Kitchen Layout

Small apartments and studio apartments do not have a lot of room. To address this issue, experienced kitchen designers devote a single wall of usage. Just outside of a single wall kitchen provides the potential for a small dining space. 

While a single wall typically doesn’t translate to a “dream kitchen,” there is still substantial potential for beautiful design elements. While there is no room for a kitchen island, this is perfect for a single person or a couple. 

#4: Galley Kitchens

A galley kitchen is a small space with appliances against the wall and counter space on the other end. This layout is similar to a u-shaped kitchen but takes out one wall of counters. The design is popular in commercial kitchens but can beautify residential structures when done right. 

This style is better for kitchens that don’t have a lot of space. Typically, you see them in combination with dining rooms.

#5: G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Otherwise known as a peninsula kitchen, the g-shaped kitchen provides a separate island workplace. The G-shaped layout combines this larger island with the l-shaped kitchen.

The G-shaped layout takes advantage of medium and small spaces.  It is less suitable for those who have a dining room, but the extra island offers an excellent place for your kitchen tools. 

#6: S-Shaped Kitchen Layout

An S-shaped kitchen layout does not refer to anything on the walls but only to the island. So to call it an overall design would be misleading, as we are only referring to islands. In this case, the island is curved. 

S-shaped layouts do not have any real advantages. For kitchens that have room, they can remove some of the angular feelings that come with a standard kitchen. Expect to pay a bit more for the custom feel.

Final Thoughts

A good kitchen layout provides you a comfortable space to cook food. Whether you prefer beautiful stainless steel, wood cabinets, or any other design, the shape of your kitchen comes from your available space. When choosing the right layouts for kitchens, be sure that you choose something that works for your household.

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