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What Do Homeowners Often Overlook When Doing a Bathroom Renovation?

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting project that allows you to customize one of your more intimate locations. Outside of your kitchen, a bathroom renovation requires many detailed modifications that come with modifying a small space. Many homeowners can easily forget the details when it comes to renovations.

In the remainder of this article, we will get into the most common things homeowners overlook during a renovation project.

Five Common Things Homeowners Forget About During A Bathroom Renovation

Time & Money

People often say that time is money, but saying money & money for section number one would be confusing. Instead, we reference two of the most common errors for those inexperienced at renovations projects: Underestimating your project’s time and money requirements.

Many people will have a loose budget in mind, which is a great start. But many of those same people do detail that budget. As a result, homeowners have no planned response when a significant error occurs, requiring them to break into other savings.

Inexperienced renovators also assume that a kitchen remodel will take no more than a couple of days. But for those who are renovating an entire bathroom, they may find that some aspects take more time because they’ve never done it before. The same can be said when they hire contractors, as they have no reference for what high-quality work should take.

Always overestimate the amount of time and money you will need.

Style Over Function

Many people get a vision of what their bathroom needs to look like with no willingness to compromise. When their contractor states that it will be impossible, they shop around until they find a contractor willing to lie to them about their toilet’s physical capabilities.

While you shouldn’t settle for second best, pay attention when you know you have a high-rated contractor who tells you about these things. You may find another elegant solution to your problem.

Short-Term Trends

If you have ever worn parachute pants, you know that they probably will only see the light of day every 20 years for three months. When designing your bathroom, try to avoid the more extreme looks and focus on timeless looks.

Compare your bathroom project with others to see what styles are more permanent. You may find yourself coming up with better ideas as a result. Always choose timeless designs.

Don’t Forget The Cabinets!

When renovating a bathroom, it is effortless to forget anything you have to lean down to see. When the final project comes together, you may realize that your old-fashioned cabinets don’t go well with your modern countertops.

Don’t forget your cabinets, as that may result in a clashing fashion statement.


When it comes to major projects, like bathroom renovations, it can be incredibly easy to overlook aspects of that construction. Two of the most common areas for newbies: time and budget. By hiring the right contractor who knows their stuff, they will be honest with you regarding time constraints, budgetary concerns, and style constraints.

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