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Elements of an Earthy Elegant Kitchen Remodel

Do you adore the natural organic look of wood and earthy elegance? Then for your next kitchen remodel, incorporate these luxurious elegant earthy elements. Today’s modern kitchen design combines both smart technology and traditional organic features. Embrace the comfort, warmth, and peace of nature with kitchen space.

Natural Wood Design

To achieve the natural feel of organic artistry, embrace natural wood design. Incorporate natural wood and materials throughout your modern kitchen:

  • Oak veneer cabinets with glass doors to highlight colorful artisan dishware
  • Freestanding wooden Japanese tansu for attractive hidden storage
  • Ergonomic wood table and seating
  • Handcrafted doors and furniture throughout
  • Unique accents, artisan wood vases, and art depicting abstract nature designs

By incorporated the warm tones of natural dark and light woods you create a feeling of overall warmth and beauty. Enjoy a true oasis every time you walk into your kitchen. Eliminate clutter with an attractive custom Japanese tansu or even a custom kitchen island with hidden drawers.

Beautiful Tile Accents

Terracotta tiles provide a gorgeous accent to your earthy kitchen design. Self-edged terracotta countertops provide a gorgeous and durable surface. Incorporate original artistic designs in your backsplash with attractive tile in complimentary subtle olive tones. Tile provides a luxurious but affordable option for your countertops and backsplash. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Smart Technology

While your kitchen space may hearken back to centuries of natural beauty and simplicity, don’t forget the convenience of modern smart technology. Add smart appliances and custom lighting for added comfort and safety. Unique custom lighting fixtures add extra style and beauty while providing additional security. Smart kitchen appliances both save energy and add sustainability to your kitchen design.

Multipurpose Space

With many of us working from home or instructing our children remotely, incorporate an attractive workspace in your kitchen design provides a much-needed accessible space. Ask our Parada experts how we can incorporate an attractive workspace into your kitchen design.

Gorgeous Finishing Touches

When you want a truly earth-inspired kitchen space be sure to incorporate a wide range of final additions like a traditional rug with patterned design in earth tones or exposed beams. Explored handcrafted doors with a Japanese touch. Add custom cabinetry. Explore how you can increase natural light with large picture windows. Finally, add live foliage throughout your living space for a final natural touch.

Contact the kitchen remodel experts at Parada to design your beautiful kitchen. Our seasoned design team will be happy to help you discover your unique style. Let’s build your dream kitchen together! Call Parada today.



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