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All You Need to Know About Kitchen Counters

Finding the perfect kitchen counter means finding a counter that both meets your needs and fits your personal style. You need a counter which makes cooking and food prep simple. Do you need to match your metal kitchen cabinets or want a countertop that doubles as a breakfast nook? What do you need to know first before making any of these decisions? Let’s find out.

Types of Counters

Unbelievably, you can choose from a wide variety of counter options. Anything from high-tech plastic to wood to butcher block to a solid surface. With so many options, how can you decide which counter materials work best for your home? And if you want to match your wood or metal kitchen cabinets to the counter, what should you look at? These are the most common materials for countertops today:

  • Natural Stone – A beautiful and pricey option that holds up to heat well
  • Manufactured Plastics – Affordable and attractive, with easy customization
  • Solid Surface – A popular affordable and easy-to-clean option
  • Recycled Materials – Offers a trendy sustainable style
  • Wood – Excellent durable options with an attractive organic look
  • Butcher Block – Great for easy food prep but requires additional cleaning
  • Poured Concrete – An attractive industrial option
  • Steel ­– Ideal for commercial kitchens, steel has found popularity in homes
  • Tile – An attractive and customized style for the artistic homeowner

Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right surface for your countertop depends on several key factors like will you chop directly on your countertop, do you want a material easy to clean, or do you have kids that are likely to damage the surface.

Tile countertops, for example, offer easy customizing and affordability. You have a nearly limitless number of exciting attractive options. However, the grout can be difficult to clean. Be sure to find a heat-resistant material. Compare tile to laminate surfaces which have hundreds of colors to choose from but have less durability. Marble remains a luxurious favorite. If natural stone is beyond your budget, ask out seasoned designers about other manufactured options that look like classic stone but have an affordable price tag.

Combining Materials

Fortunately, you can combine counter materials. For example, your kitchen island can have a butcher block countertop while you opt for natural stone or solid surface for the perimeter counters. Mixing and matching materials provide a budget-friendly way to meet your needs while also having an elegant kitchen space.

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