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Does a Kitchen Remodel Increase Home Value?

You deserve a gorgeous luxury kitchen that you love. But is the kitchen remodel cost worth it? Believe it or not, kitchens sell houses. When finding the right options for your remodel, consider your current property value, the community, and costs. Why? A common mistake homeowners make is underimproving or even over-improving a property. For example, installing a pool in a region prone to extreme cold weather may not increase home value. On the other hand, a beautiful kitchen always adds value to your home.

Choosing the Right Materials

How do you choose the right materials for your home? Kitchen remodel cost fluctuates greatly. Materials remain one of the top ways you can control your budget. Weigh your personal wants against your home’s value. For example, you might leave the worn laminate countertops in your kitchen. However, old laminate countertops might be practical in the short-term but cost you if you choose to resell your home.

Higher-end materials like natural stone add luxury and use to your kitchen. Talk with your kitchen remodel expert about the benefits of each material. Consider the cost of the material and your personal taste. Inquire about how a specific style affects your home value.

Technology and Your Kitchen

Today’s homes benefit from smart technology. This includes energy-efficient dishwashers to refrigerators which tell you when you need to buy milk. Smart speakers, customizable lighting, and Energy Star appliances all add value to your home. If you choose to resell your home, you might need to update older technology.

Energy Efficiency

Another way to update your kitchen involves energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Every homeowner today expects their new home to save energy. Energy-saving appliances reduce costs in the long-term and save money on bills. Smart lighting eliminates energy waste and offers extra security. Ask our Parada design team about your energy-efficient options.

Accessibility in your Kitchen

As families change and age, accessibility becomes important. You might need to open up the kitchen layout or install smart custom lighting. Moving shelving and drawers down for easy access makes a space usable for everyone. Consider ways you can make your kitchen accessible for ageing family members and guests.

Family Friendly Kitchens

Finally, if you have small children or a big family, a kitchen remodel can help widen a space and meet your many needs. A top trend for this year is the home office. Install a workspace in the kitchen for schoolwork or remote working. Another popular trend is the butler’s pantry – a designated space for food preparation, cleaning, and pantry storage.

When you want to remodel your home, call the incredible design experts at Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms. We offer expert design and remodelling. No matter your budget, we promise to help you. Schedule your first consultation today.

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