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Best Counter Materials for the Busy Family this Year

Which countertops are best for your busy family? When choosing the right countertop material look at durability, maintenance, and price. And nowadays you want to look for materials easy to clean and sanitize.  Discover the perfect material for your kitchen remodels.

Affordable laminate

Laminate continues to be a very popular option for homeowners today. Why? Laminate has stain resistance and scratches do not appear as easily.  Laminate countertops kitchen remodel installation takes less time. Some designs integrate an attractive backsplash or attractive edging. Range of pattern and color options. Laminate has Photo reproductions of wood or stone for a quick to clean attractive look.

Tile countertops

Looking for an attractive option that has a unique aesthetic? Tile countertops have an attractive appeal. Find them in a wide variety of materials like recycled materials, metal, glass, And concrete. Ask our Parada Kitchen designers about handcrafted tiles. Although tiles have durability and are not susceptible to high heat, grout can be difficult to clean. Repair and maintenance for tile usually involve removing a single broken tile instead of the entire slab. For this reason, tile remains a very popular choice in 2020.

Classic Wood

Classic wood counters provide a versatile traditional look. Choose from Pine, Teak, butcher block, or even eco-friendly bamboo. Because the natural materials are susceptible to moisture and bacteria, regular maintenance and cleaning Will protect your family. Humidity warps wood countertops. Sand out most imperfections and scratches.

Contemporary concrete

For a very modern contemporary industrial look choose concrete. Concrete comes in a very impressive number of color and textures. However, concrete often has hairline cracks and is very heavy.  If you would like to install a concrete countertop, speak with our kitchen design experts first. Our season professionals Will be happy to help you find the perfect countertop material for your home.

 Stainless steel

Many restaurants depend on stainless steel countertops because of their durability, heat resistance, and easy maintenance. Some busy homeowners are finding stainless steel is the perfect choice for their homes as well. For busy families, opt for less high maintenance options.

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