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5 Best Luxury Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Want to brighten up your kitchen remodel? For years, the kitchen backsplash has provided an exciting element that both protects and adds aesthetic value. Find the right luxury backsplashes for your home. Backsplashes are only limited by your imagination. They can be glass, colorful, mirrored, wood, and more. With so many options, finding the best style choice for you can be difficult. What are this year’s top trends? Discover the most exciting luxury kitchen backsplashes for 2020.

Ceiling Height Backsplashes

Most homes have a partial backsplash, sometimes only a few inches tall. Go for the dramatic in 2020 with a backsplash that goes to the ceiling! Give classic tile a modern look with a full backsplash. Contemporary homes today want a clean look, often removing unnecessary cabinetry and fixtures. Fill in that empty space with a stunning luxurious tiled look.

Mirrored and Metallic

Want to be a little flashy? This year homeowners love mirrored subway tile. The lighting brings dramatic brightness to any kitchen. With custom lighting, take full advantage of this fun metal finished look. Use a small backsplash section for a dramatic accent or wow with ceiling height metal. The metal has less gloss than the mirrored look. Talk with our Parada designers about how you can tastefully incorporate metal and mirrors into your kitchen remodel.

Bold Colors

While minimal neutral tones have a classic timeless look, homeowners want to upgrade the style with bold colors. Choose a luxurious black or charcoal grey, or amaze guests with gorgeous turquoise. Blue-tiled backsplashes and similar tones show off your personal style. Be unique. Add a contrasting color for the grout or have a colorful custom lighting plan.

Recycled Materials

With green construction and sustainability an important 21st century trend, this year’s kitchen design makes the most of alternative metals. Try full metal sheets as a unique backsplash option. Try copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. For a different look, find sheets that have texture and one-of-a-kind finishes.

Luxurious Gold Accents

Nothing says grandeur like gold. Add gold fixtures to your kitchen and a gorgeous backsplash with gold accents. With so many incredible options, bring golden warmth and elegance to your kitchen space. Enjoy the refined gold accents. Showcase your personal taste in a distinct way.

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