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9 Charming Butler’s Pantry Ideas for 2020

Even though the contemporary butler’s pantry does not include a full tuxedo-wearing staff, the classic concept has found new popularity recently. Traditionally, the butler would use the pantry for storing expensive silverware and china. The wait staff would know how to organize the butler’s pantry. Today enjoy a practical and luxurious kitchen upgrade with these charming design ideas.

Classic White with Glass Doors and Custom Cabinetry

Enjoy the classic butler’s pantry look. The glass doors make it easy to know how to organize a butler’s pantry with your beautiful dishware and silverware. Clean-lined and modern, the classic ivory color fits any stylish home décor.

Custom Lighting and Chandeliers

Want to bring extra luxury to your kitchen? Add a custom chandelier to your butler’s pantry. Combined with an elegant space, the chandelier truly makes a statement.

Open Shelving

This year creating an open spacious kitchen area requires rethinking cabinetry and shelving. Opt for open shelving to display crystal wineglasses, exquisite dishware, live plant arrangements, and exotic trinkets. The space has functionality and classic aesthetic beauty.

Luxury Farmhouse

In the past, the farmhouse style kitchen gained momentum. Give it a sizeable upgrade with a gorgeous gold accent finish, translucent glass, and a warm blue hue. The gold fixtures coupled with fine cutlery and glassware give the farmhouse look a truly contemporary look.

Rustic Minimalism

Clean lines have become the mainstay of the modern kitchen. Easy access to cooking and preparing areas with a streamlined look keep clean-up easy. Add a rustic touch to your butler’s pantry with wooden finishes, antique fixtures, and natural wood open shelving. Add a farmhouse sink and antique décor.

Rolling Ladder

Add extra height to your butler’s pantry with shelving from floor to ceiling. Add a rolling ladder to reach those high shelves.

Urban Storage

Not every home has room for a massive butler’s pantry. But that doesn’t mean that your small apartment or urban home needs to go without the convenience of a butler’s pantry. Talk with our designers about designing a customized area that fits your home perfectly. Add a small fridge or make it an ideal place to display gorgeous glassware. You will appreciate the extra storage.

Hallway Design

Transform any space into a beautiful butler’s pantry. Have extra space in the kitchen hallway or a large unused closet? Our experienced team will work with you to create a multi-functional pantry with plenty of storage space and gorgeous custom cabinetry.


Add a touch of classic décor with vintage wallpaper and antique fixtures. Go bold with your tiling and designs. Add asymmetrical pottery and a backsplash that stands out.

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