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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Getting ready for your dream kitchen can be a daunting task! Kitchen renovation can take weeks from start to finish. During the remodel you will need to move your kitchen appliances, furniture, and valuables into storage. Additionally, you may need to stay at a friend or family members’ home during the build. However, keep in mind that the remodel is such a short length of time in comparison to the many years you will enjoy your new kitchen. Check out our top tips!

Be Prepared

Prevent heartache and stress by being prepared. What does this mean? Store and pack any kitchen appliances, dishes, utensils, and furniture that you will not need during the duration of the build. Be sure to consider covering the floor and paintings in protective plastic. Talk with your designer about how best to prepare your home for the build.

Take this time to toss out unused appliances, dishware, and junk. Do you have a slowcooker you haven’t opened since your wedding day? Then donate it. Make a pile of “keep”, “store”, and “donate”. This will help open up more space in your dream kitchen, as well as minimize how much clutter you need to pack.

If you decide to stay at home during the renovation, set aside a small area as a temporary kitchen area. You can leave your coffeemaker, a microwave, and small office fridge here. Plan on quick dinners that have little mess. This will save you both money and anxiety for the next two weeks.

You definitely need to keep your loved ones safe. Whether you have little furry friends, toddlers, or older adults that require accessibility, keep them away from the construction zone. You might have older children enjoy a sleepover at a friend’s house or ask a neighbor to watch your puppy for a week. The construction area has many hazards. Keep your little ones and pets away from the build site.

Plan for Vacation

If possible, plan the remodel during a vacation. This will allow you and your family to enjoy the time away from home. By the time you return you will have a beautiful new kitchen!

Minimize Dust and Dirt

Cover your carpets and floors. Reduce the dust and dirt by isolating the area. You may need to run an air purifier in the area after the build. Always remove anything that might be broken during construction.

It is possible to enjoy your kitchen remodel. Be sure to follow these great steps for your kitchen remodel. Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms provides high quality luxury kitchen renovations for every client. Large or small, we will help you realize your dream home. Contact us today.

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