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How to Create Your Dream Kitchen in 4 Steps

Excited to renovate your kitchen? Does the remodel leave you with a lot of questions? Should you try a kitchen design with an island, go for custom cabinetry, or try smart home technology? Our design professionals have put together this quick checklist to create your dream kitchen.

Step 1. Visualize Your Dream Kitchen

You can’t move forward until you know what you want. Always consider function as well as aesthetics. For example, kitchen design with an island may be ideal if you love to cook. You might need more seating if you entertain large gatherings. Or maybe you mostly cookout but would love more control over your lighting through smart home technology?

Whether you decide to create a Pinterest board with all of your favorite kitchen ideas, create a physical vision board, or sit down with a designer to create a 3D layout of your home, you need to know what you want. Our experienced team can help you decide what kitchen elements are perfect for your home.

Step 2. What Is Your Work Space?

If you cook often, measure out how much space you need for cooking, chopping veggies, storing those artisan oils, and finding your extensive spices collection. Even if you only cook once in a blue moon, knowing how much space you need for entertaining and preparing meals will ensure that your kitchen space is ideal. Consider the size and layout of your kitchen. You may need to consider taking down unnecessary walls or installing custom cabinetry.

Step 3. Don’t Work Alone

You want the help of a designer to create the final layout and design. Why? An experienced designer will help you find the best option for your budget. They can inspect your current kitchen space and develop exciting concepts that work with your style. Work together to create the perfect kitchen.

Step 4. Time for the Build!

Prepare your family for the kitchen remodel. This may take several weeks, depending on the extent of the renovation. Plan a vacation, have the kids stay at the in-laws, and store away any valuables. Speak with your contractor about how to prepare your home for the remodel.

Now it’s just time to wait! Enjoy your new exciting kitchen. Need help designing your home? Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms provides the best kitchen renovation services in Toronto. Trust us to provide you with superior craftsmanship for your home. Call us today.



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