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Top 6 Trending Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2020

It’s a new year and time to remodel your kitchen!  Whether you decide to make small changes or redo the entire kitchen with a new custom design, you will enjoy your new exciting space. The cost of kitchen renovation is well spent. Let’s discover the top trending home design options for kitchens in 2020.

New Custom Cabinets

Tired of your dated kitchen cabinets? Speak with a home designer about installing brand new cabinets for your home. They add both functionality and aesthetic beauty. The cost for kitchen renovations and new cabinets will fit in your budget when you work with a seasoned professional like Parada Kitchens & Bathrooms. We will help you realize your dream kitchen, large or small. Custom cabinets will help increase the usability of your space and bring in a modern update to your home.

Here are some of the top cabinet design ideas:

  • Bold colors
  • Hidden storage compartments
  • Glass doors to showcase beautiful dishware
  • Natural woods
  • Customized to fit smaller spaces
  • Open Shelving
  • Update older cabinets with new doors
  • Add new hardware to older cabinets

A Splash of Paint

Believe it or not, you can transform your kitchen with a coat of paint. Meet with an interior designer and discuss your vision for your kitchen. Do you want to brighten up a dark kitchen, open up a small urban space, or modernize an antiquated décor? Find new exciting ways to update your culinary space. For example, you might want to try contrasting colors like midnight black with marble, or natural dark woods with lush greenery.


This year explore materials. Replace old faucet fixtures with new metallic minimalist fixtures. Add sleekness and elegance to your kitchen. If you want a more organic look, try natural woods in your cabinets or kitchen island. Get creative! Explore textures and even fabric styles. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Make it welcome and vibrant.


Sustainability dominates today’s contemporary home design. Add a touch of green to your kitchen with vibrant plants, an indoor herb garden, or even a “green” wall. Install an indoor vertical garden system to enjoy fresh herbs year-round. Add indoor plants. If gardening is not your strong suit, then try simple succulents. Cacti require minimal care and provide a splash of vibrancy in your home.

Luxury Lighting

Revitalize your kitchen with luxury lighting. Layer your lighting, combining downlighting with sconces and other lighting fixates. Toe kick lighting provides a useful and elegant lighting option. Experiment with colorful lighting to add a touch of unique style.


Make your kitchen a smart kitchen. Combine smart speakers with smart luxury appliances, smart lightbulbs, and other smart devices. Enjoy controlling your kitchen from your refrigerator to lighting. Or set the right music perfect for a romantic dinner.

Contact our kitchen remodeling experts at Parada Kitchens & Bathroom. Our friendly staff will help you create your dream kitchen. Call us today.

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