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Remodeling Ideas for Your Galley Kitchen

How many times have you heard someone say how much they love the look of a galley kitchen?  Probably never.  And yet, many of us live with this design in our homes every day.  But as style preferences have evolved over time, so must our kitchens.  Take a look at some of the fantastic ways you can transform your galley kitchen into a beautiful and functional space.  You’ll likely be surprised at how easy it can be!

Create Some Space
Opening up a cramped kitchen evokes images of massive, messy demo projects and removing entire walls.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as cutting out a small window into the next room.  The idea is to simply gain a visual connection between the kitchen and the rest of the house.  You’ll be amazed at how much one small opening can add tons of perceived space to your kitchen.

Mirror Mirror
This is a classic design maneuver that still works today, and it’s probably your most cost-effective tool for improving your cooking space.  Add a mirrored backsplash to your galley kitchen and enjoy the appearance of more space provided by the reflection of natural light.

Glossy and White
Similar to a mirrored backsplash, high-gloss cabinetry will reflect the natural light in your kitchen and help it feel more spacious.  And if you choose a bright white color for your cabinets and walls, you can really capitalize on this use of light.  This is another classic tip that is still popular today.  You know why?  Because it works!

Open Shelving
The upper cabinets can create a cavernous effect in a narrow space, and this is especially true if they are a  dark color.  So open-up your kitchen by opting for simple shelving instead of the bulky and obtrusive cabinets.  This will go a long way to making your tight space feel a little bigger, and it makes it a breeze to find the things you need.

Beat the Heat
Do your research and invest in a quality cooking hood to remove all the heat and humidity rising up from your stove.  Without this valuable tool, the temperature of your kitchen can quickly rise to an uncomfortable level.  Especially in the summertime, a hot kitchen seems to make the walls close in around you and can have a considerable impact on your mood and patience.

General Rule of Thumb
No matter what project you decide to tackle, make sure you keep this crucial rule in mind.  The most effective tools at your disposal are light, height, and bright colors.  Each of these elements plays a trick on our minds and helps a small area feel large and welcoming.  So be sure to examine your strengths and make the most of what you’ve got.

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