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6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel BiggerA small bathroom is a fact of life for many of us.  It can feel like we’re crammed in a damp, dark closet with barely enough room to move our arms.  And most of the time, expanding the walls to gain a little extra square footage just isn’t a possibility.  So, what can we do to fix this situation?  Here are five ways you can make your bathroom feel bigger.

Brighten Up the Room
When it comes to small spaces, light is your best friend.  By providing multiple light sources, you’ll eliminate shadows and add a significant amount of perceived space.  Natural light is always the top choice.  But if that’s not an option, use recessed ceiling lights and an edge-lighted mirror.  If you go with wall sconces, be sure to select a style that has a low profile and doesn’t project too far off the wall.

Remove the Vanity Cabinet
Vanity cabinets are great for storing the necessary items for a bathroom, but they require crucial floor space in a tight area.  Instead, opt for a pedestal or a floating sink.  Even if you don’t place anything underneath (and you probably shouldn’t), simply having that open space will make the room feel larger. This is an elegant option that will help expand the visual appearance of your bathroom.

Reflect the Space with a Large Mirror
The effects of a large mirror can’t be understated.  By installing a wall-to-wall custom piece, you can double the appearance of your space.  This can sometimes be an expensive investment, but it is well worth the price tag.  If you’re looking to add a special touch to your mirror, splurge on a great frame that showcases your style. 

Light-Colored Flooring
We all know how dark walls can sometimes create a claustrophobic feel in small rooms, and it’s best to stick with light colors.  Well, the same rule applies for floors.  Light-colored flooring will open up the room and make it feel much larger than it is.  

Remove the Clutter
Keep your space as clean and tidy as you can.  A well-kept bathroom always feels more spacious than one that’s cluttered and dirty.  Decide which items are essential and keep only those few things visible.  Everything else should be put away and out of sight.  Spending a little time on your organization can go a long way to making your bathroom feel bigger.  And even better, it’s free!

Glass Panel for the Shower
Shower curtains are great when you have the space for one.  But they can sometimes have the effect of becoming a visual wall.  So, if your bathroom feels tight, you might consider adding a glass door for your shower.  It allows the light to pass through and add some much-needed square footage to the room.  After installation, you’ll feel an immediate difference. 

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