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5 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Kitchen Remodel

5 ways to find inspiration for your kitchen remodelYou’re tired of your kitchen. It just doesn’t work for you anymore. You’ve saved some money and now it’s time to make a change. But how do you know where to start? IT can be pretty overwhelming, so finding inspiration for your kitchen remodel is the first step to realizing your dream.

Ask questions

Make a list of questions about your kitchen remodel and then spend some time answering them. What is your budget? How long of a construction period are you willing to go through? What part of your kitchen do you dislike the most? What is one element you’ve always wanted to have?

Then, start answering these questions. This will help organize your thoughts and clarify the direction you want to go in.


Head to your local library and check out all their home magazines. There is so much inspiration to be found. While a lot of kitchens used in professional magazines are a lot larger than yours is, there is still a lot to consider. Even something as simple as a new color palette, or a special accent can lead to a new direction for your kitchen remodel.

Visit open houses

It may seem a bit unconventional but taking a tour of houses on the market can give you some real inspiration for your kitchen remodel. This is because homeowners want to make their homes look as nice as possible to guarantee a fast sale. Kitchen updates are generally done, and this can lead to new ideas.

If you can find a few open houses in your general neighborhood, all the better. Most homes when in development follow just a few different layouts. So, if you can find a home with your original layout, you can better see how someone was able to change your kitchen or update it.

Ask a friend

Do you have a friend that seems to have an eye for decorating? Someone whose taste you’ve always admired? Ask them over and get their input. Better yet, have a little dinner party where everyone is encouraged to give their honest, yet polite, thoughts. Different perspectives can really lead to new inspiration for your kitchen remodel.

Ask a professional

When in doubt, ask a professional. Many kitchen remodeling companies will offer a free consultation. They have years of experience and can give you so many more ideas than you ever thought possible. Professionals also know how much things cost. So, depending on your budget, a professional can explain just what options are available to you. Remember: it’s easy to become carried away with a kitchen remodel. Know ahead of time what you’re willing to spend, and how much time you’re able to commit. These constraints are important.

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