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4 Colors Not To Use In Your Bathroom

4 colors not to use in your bathroomTo be honest, it can be really fun decorating your bathroom. They are there own little oases from the rest of your home’s décor. You can have a bit of fun, try out new things, and show off your eclectic tastes. But remember, other people will want to use the bathroom at some point. So, if you’re looking for a few rules, here are four colors not to use in your bathroom.


Gold accents are great. Gold textures bring a bit of sophistication to a room. Gold-like metals such as brass, add a bit of old-world charm. Gold paint? Not so much. Unless you’re as flamboyant as Elton John, don’t go overboard with gold. All-over gold is most definitely one of the colors not to use in your bathroom. Too much and you won’t be able to focus. The shininess of the color will make everything seem wonky and as if it is starting to move. Stick to accents with this metallic shade.


Black is one of the colors not to use in your bathroom because it rarely comes out right. Black is, of course, dark, and you will need a lot of lighting to see well. Because bathrooms are often used to get ready, the more natural light, the better, and this black will just absorb everything. If your plan is to create a relaxing oasis, then there’s absolutely no reason to choose this dark and dismal color.


Seeing red? There’s no wonder it’s making you angry. There are many shades of red that work well, but a bold, bright red is one of the colors not to use in your bathroom. A warmer raspberry color will have a softer elegance. A deep burgundy will create a bit of regal opulence. And a more neutral blush will create that warm, calming environment you always envisioned.

Pure red will likely turn out too close to the color of ketchup for comfort. Red can be an irritating color, and definitely not peaceful. Look for softer tones if you really want this bold shade in your bathroom.


We feel for orange. It’s so often left out of the color pallet when it comes to home décor, but there is a good reason for it. Even with subtler shades of orange, it can feel like you are stuck in a never-ending Halloween event. And while Halloween is great, it’s not meant to continue year-round.

Softer shades of orange can just make the bathroom look aged. Darker shades can make it hard to find complementary accents. While orange can still be your favorite color, it’s best to leave it in Autumn and appreciate it then.

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