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4 Innovative Designs For Your Kitchen Cabinets

4 innovative designs for your kitchen cabinetsThere is so much you can do with kitchen cabinets. These functional spaces should also look good and with a bit of imagination, you can make your kitchen cabinets be a true amalgamation of form and function.

Open shelving

You’ve spent a while collecting beautiful plates. You’ve inherited a funky glassware set from your Grandma. Why hide these items behind a piece of wood? Open shelving showcases your prized possessions and gives them new life. While open shelving can be a bit overwhelming for the entire kitchen, even having a few strategically placed shelves can really add depth to the room.

Let’s be honest. Not all of your dishware is meant to be on display. Stained coffee cups and chipped bowls are a normal part of the kitchen. It’s ok to keep these behind closed doors. But open shelving is perfect when you have a few pieces you’re really proud of. It also solves the dilemma of not having a china cabinet. Most houses don’t have the room for a stand alone piece of furniture. By bringing this element into your kitchen, you can keep your most important dishware and glassware on display.

Glass cabinets

If you want to display your kitchen possessions but aren’t sure about open shelving, glass cabinets are a happy medium. They still allow you to see what’s in the cabinet but add a bit of a buffer. If you have any figurines you want to show off, or even just a nice set of wine glasses, a glass cabinet or two add an extra dimension to the kitchen. Whenever you can incorporate different textures to a room you instantly add depth and personality.

Copper cabinets

Looking to really wow the next guests that walk through your kitchen? Why not install copper-faced cabinets. Ditch the traditional wood and instead use copper. This unique color adds some great depth to the cabinets and definitely brings a wow factor. Copper has long been used as a kitchen accent, including with pots and pans, so it’s natural to extend its use to cabinets.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the design choices, note that most copper cabinets are actually inlays. They rectangle section of copper is usually encased in a border of wood, which makes the metal blend in a bit better with the rest of the décor.

Extra rows

Need storage space but not sure where to find it? How about the kitchen? Traditional kitchens used to leave a gap between the top of cabinets and the ceiling. This space was then either taken up with knick-knacks or dust. Modern kitchens will usually have the top cabinet reach all the way to the ceiling. Ultra modern kitchens will not include a row of small cabinets that reach the ceiling.

These small, often square cabinets are the perfect antidote to cabinet doors that have become too long. They close off the top space and make it the perfect area for storage.


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